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Curash Water Baby Wipes 6x 80 Pk $16.79 C&C /+ Delivery ($0 with $50 Order) @ Chemist Warehouse


Cheaper than Amazon S&S, but without the free delivery

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Chemist Warehouse


  • I think CW is now offering free shipping for everything

  • **Please note country of origin for this product can be either Australia or Taiwan.

    Most recent order i got was from Taiwan and quality is not as good.

  • Awesome. I can stock up and use it towards the free baby bundle. Thanks OP

  • Huggies are currently $2 per 80pk ($12 for 6x80) at Coles. I haven't tried the Curash before how do they compare?

  • FYI $16.99 for Amazon subscribe and save

  • Curash wipes blue (water wipes) or the pink (fragrance free) packaging have this ingredient Propylene Glycol or Caprylyl Glycol which can cause reactions and painful sensitive rash to many little ones, so please be careful guys.

    From personal experience, I prefer the Gaia natural baby wipes over the Curash ones as it's one of the most irritant free wipes in the market. But always best to buy a small packet first and try, and then only the bulk packs. Best wishes to you.