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40% off Sensodyne Dental Care Products (from $3.00 to $6.60) @ Coles


Part of Coles Weekly Catalogue. All Sensodyne 40% off. Can also confirm on Pricehipster that Coles regularly have Sensodyne on sale whereas Woolies is practically rarely.

Example: Sensodyne Daily Care Original 110g $5.52

Coles it is guys!

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  • Oh yay finally! Been waiting ages at my woolies, no wonder

  • Friend told me to get Sensodyne repair toothpast when i had toothache, it actually helped to stop the pain, highly recommend, not sure Oral B repair would do the same

  • Some of the toothpaste range is also on Coles ebay. Extra 10% if you spend above $49.

  • Look like same price at Amazon

  • Just on time thanks op

  • I use these as there's no SLS in most (all?) Sensodyne products. Made a massive difference to the number of mouth ulcers I get.

    • Same here! I'd recommend using watermelon frost if you still get them, that and green listerine used early really nips them in the bud.

    • Appears to be SLS in a few items from the Sensodyne range now, was looking into them last night. Would pay to double check, the ingredients in ProNamel appears to have changed since I last checked 7 years ago.

      • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). This common ingredient creates the foam when you brush, but can also irritate sensitive teeth and gums. For this reason, many Sensodyne toothpastes are formulated without SLS, to keep your teeth clean and healthy without causing further sensitivity.

    • Do you still get them though? I think it has made a difference to me too, but I still get them, just not as frequently and the life of the ulcer is dramatically decreased (3 days vs 1-1.5weeks). It's so strange to me because I don't recall having this issue in my mid 20s and younger…

      • Yes still get them, but same experience, less and not as long lasting. Mostly now get them when I'm sick, or run down, or stressed. They can be a sign of other underlying things, like Crohn's or coeliac etc, so if they're new and you haven't already, touch base with your GP.

  • Is there such a thing as teeth whitening toothpaste that works? I tried the collgate one as the primary toothpaste for a number of years and it made no difference at all.

    • I did some research on that and can comment on this. The whitening is categorised by different 'shades'. It depends on the stain in your teeth. If it's mild stain, lower shade whitening toothpaste can help. If the stain is tough like from smoking than you may need to see the dentist as the shade is higher. Hope that makes sense.

  • Am I the only one that feels like sensodyne toothpaste burns your mouth?

  • Got this from Amazon.

    Been using this after dentist recommendation.

  • Thanks OP. Just price matched the dual sensitivity & gum toothpaste at Chemist Warehouse for $6.21 each

  • That's the cheapest Pronamel has been in… I don't know how long? Nice!

    • Yeah I know right? It's been part of their weekly catalogue and we didn't even know about it!

  • time to stock up

  • It's not the same since the local one is now all made in Thailand, the UK one was a lot better in my experience

  • Does anyone else get allergic reactions when using certain toothpastes? Like your mouth wall peeling after using it.

    • Yes, i have found dodging the ingredient sls to be a huge relief in the issue.

      • Yeah it's not anything serious but rather annoying. I will try and see if avoiding SLS helps. Using Sensodyne seems to have helped for me at least.

        Only only certain colours lol. The blue one works for me.

  • Good deal. Just picked up 10 from Coles Macquarie Centre.

  • Don't you guys find it funny that after Coles had their sensodyne on sale, posting it on Ozbargain, Woolies came afterwards? Coincidence? Maybe not.