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Maggi 2 Minute Noodles 5 Pack (Minimum Quantity 1) $1.97 ($1.77 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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    The best quality of those noodles are they are cheap, taste would come at the 12th place

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      From memory the Aldi version is 99c and the packaging pushes the copyright line. I’m perfectly happy with the Aldi ones and it’s always this price. Beef and chicken.


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        The aldi ones are far superior to the Maggi ones. At 99c they're my go to chicken flavour no frills instant noodles.

        • Are aldi still selling the 99c instant noodles ?

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            @Susuman123: Yes the Aldi version the 5 pack instant noodles is 99c all day every day. These are not Maggi brand, but the packaging looks almost identical (like most things at Aldi).

            I agree with Thomasta3 , I find the chicken ones are better than the Maggi ones too.

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    Thanks OP, WFH lunch sorted. 😙

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    Purchased thanks OP.

    BTW, same price at woolworths this week - and more flavours too, supposedly. Delivery wins :)

    • Delivery = crushed pieces of noodles. My last batch was so crumbly :(

      • Then you might get them at half price or even for free if you complaint to Amazon.

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          I thought about complaining,but feels bad doing it for the sack of 2 bucks. It’s not their fault postie throw packages around.

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    Matching woolies

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    Cheaper with Amazon Subscribe & Pay plus free delivery with Prime but Woolworths also has the 5-pack of the following flavours for $1.97.

    • Oriental
    • Japanese Teriyaki
    • Thai Tom Yum
    • Malaysian Laksa
    • Amazon never stocks oriental so I’ll wait for woolies

  • Where are they made?

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      Designed in Australia, made in China… Most likely.

    • Coles were selling these by the box, but they were made in PNG. Flavour was way better, but the calories/salt content wasn’t lol


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      They are made in Malaysia with Australian wheat.

      If you have an Asian grocery shop nearby, get the Maggi Ayam (chicken), the imported ones that are made for the Malaysian market. They have a lot more flavour.

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        Kari (curry) is my favourite, prices are usually under $3.50 as well, and I find then miles better than the Westernised Maggi

  • can you eat these raw?

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      I use to do that. Would recommend as a child, now, not so much.

      • why not now?

        • +10

          I’m an adult and my tastebuds have developed.

    • Oh yes, ever since a kid I've eaten these raw. Or semi-raw with a bit of hot water to soften the noodles. So good

  • Wholegrain is horrible. Seriously just awful.
    Mi goreng is good but not as good as indomie brand.

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    disgusting 🤮

  • Max order = 6.

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    Virgin Australia rang. They want their business class meals back.

  • Dayum, that min quantity is a killer.

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    These used to be great but then they changed the flavour, I think to make them lower fat. So tasteless, do not recommend.

    • +1

      Correct, like 10-15 years ago less salt and fat.
      That’s why they don’t taste good anymore. Better off with the home brand. They did the same with Smiths Crisps and KFC.

    • My kids recon the noodles taste different with the last batch we got (this month) and have stopped eating them so not sure if they have made some very recent changes…

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    Get the real tasty maggie from indian store. It's called "maggi masala". Also available at some woolies and coles. Maggi 2 mimutes noodles

    • ^ this, the Aussie branded Maggi is tasteless

    • -4

      Maggi had excessive amounts of lead and MSG. Look it up. Do not recommend

      • You have a point, but that issue was specific to the ones sold in India and was probably a testing error. No other labs were able to replicate the same results:


        Results from testing outside of India (Singapore,[40] US[29]) reported that Maggi noodles were safe. In the later Bombay High Court judgment, the court agreed that the test results by earlier labs were unreliable. The court mandated testing to be done at three specific laboratories (Punjab, Hyderabad, and Jaipur) where Maggi was found safe.[41] The lead may have been naturally occurring in plants and soil[42] or from Indian spices, although within acceptable limits.[43]

  • This is what it’s all about.

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    who actually eats this shit

  • Minimum Quantity 1…. ah damn it

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    A great treat for Melvin Capital and Shitron starting from next week! Somebody forward it to them. thanks

  • Are they all 5 pack?

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    WARNING: purchased 6 chicken 5 packs arrived today all say expiry day February 2021.

    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the weekend sorted.

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