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Win 1 of 5 $11,000 Cash Prizes or Donation/Merchandise/Voucher Prizes from KFC



Closing Date 06/02/2021 11:59am
Multi-draw Yes


Description $11,000 Cash x 5; $2,000 Charitable Donation x 5; Merchandise Pack A x 8; Merchandise Pack B x 2; $100 KFC Voucher x 15.
No. of Prizes 35
Total Prize Pool $71,900.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

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    This legit?


      Why would KFC put their name to a dodgy, non-legit comp?

      I watched the BBL between Strikers and Heat and saw the promo for it in the stands too so yeh, this one's safe.

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        Well, I don't think Twoteacupbag was asking whether KFC was dodgy but whether someone was fraudulently using the KFC logo for dodgy reasons.

        There's no mention of it one the KFC promos page or their social media so it's not a stretch of the imagination to think that it might be dodgy.

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          It comes up on their app when you open it


          Another oddity with this comp is the URL in their own terms and conditions doesn't work!
          "HOW TO ENTER
          7. To enter the promotion, Entrants must, during the Promotional Period:
          access www.bucketheadtower.kfc.com.au (Promotional Website); and"

          KFC haven't setup a www record, however http://bucketheadtower.kfc.com.au redirects to the comp page.

          This feels like a very rushed promo from KFC but as per the other comments here I believe this is legit.

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        Recent post about fake facebook pages. Just a bit paranoid.


    You know they dont even sell KFC buckets at the BBL, they just have people giving out empty unused buckets. All I wanted to do was eat a big bucket of chicken, and they dont even sell it at or near the SCG - what a jib.