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[iOS, macOS] Strongbox Pro Password Manager Lifetime $51.99 (20% off) @ Apple App Store


Hi everyone

I used to use the MiniKeePass iOS App on my iPhone to store all my passwords, but since that has been discontinued, I have moved over to Strongbox. I have been using the free version for a long time, but decided to pay for the app as part of their Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals (20% off). They are now running another 20% off promo from 29th-31st Jan (US dates).

I prefer Strongbox/KeePass type password managers, as the password file is stored on your device, and not in the Cloud. I used my same database from KeePass and simply imported it into Strongbox.

The free version doesn't allow you to use FaceID/Touch ID and forces you to enter a password every time you want to access your password file. This Pro version unlocks those features and more.

The app also receives constant updates to get new features. e.g. https://strongboxsafe.com/updates/advanced-sync-and-auto-mer...

See https://strongboxsafe.com/ for further details.

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      To support the developer? Mark has put together a bloody excellent app, is extremely responsive on issues and bugs, and supporting a long tail (IOS 9 still supported).

      Some developers, not unreasonably, like to be paid for the time they put into things that others use.


    To support the developer?? If you enjoy using the product, and do not want to see this product potentially fall off. A lot of these products/programs are created by people who find a solution to a problem they face and are solely managed by themselves or a very small team in their spare time.

    Support developer, faster rollout, better productivity.

    EDIT: If you prefer to use free, use free. But some people want to support the developers of their favourite programs. ETTO

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      This isn't OzCharity. Donate to KeePass, not this wrapper.

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        I use KeePass on my PC, and Strongbox on iPhone. The combination work great togetherness you can import your KeePass database into Strongbox.

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        I'm in the same place as JHoliday, Keepass (strictly KeepassXC) on PC, Strongbox on IOS.

        The Keepass developer does not provide an IOS app (minikeepass was put together by someone else), and Strongbox is explicitly listed as an alternative implementation available on the Keepass website. It's also one of the better ones for functionality that I want.

        Strongbox provides significant extensions to Keepass, and the developer works to keep in sync with Keepass functionality. It's hardly "a wrapper". And not too put too fine a point on it, the best software typically builds on the work of previous developers.

        Both offer free pathways, and both offer ways to pay their respective developers. Why not support both? At least don't sledge someone who has made active contributions to tools in this area.

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    Oh wow !! Heard of bit warden?

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      Oh wow.. can you store your master password file on your device with Bitwarden and not in the cloud?

    • +2 votes

      Oh wow! Yes.

      Oh wow! It doesn't support older IOS.

      Oh wow! It doesn't do local kdb files as well as Strongbox.

      So, oh wow! NO!

      Oh wow! Heard of Keepassium/KeepassXC/Authpass/Lastpass.

      Strongbox is a perfectly good alternative to these and for some use cases is dramatically better.


    Any recommendation for an Android app that stores passwords locally? Plenty of passwords I don't want kept in the cloud


      Keepass2Android or KeePassDX


    No thanks, Mark!


    I use the free AuthPass on ios. It is compatible with KeePass and supports FaceID. Also, the password can be stored locally.