Has Anyone Else Bought a System from TechFast and Asked for It to Be Sent Unassembled?

Hi all,

I just ordered a system to be sent unassembled and was wondering what other people's experiences were.

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  • I didn't know they offered that service. Did you choose that because you wanted the experience of building it yourself? If so, what was the pricing like compared to buying individual components yourself from other sources?

    • I chose it cause it would come faster and I know how to build a pc, and the price didn't change regardless of buying it assembled or unassembled. The difference in price with pcpp was around $300 more so it was cheaper, downside is that I don't have the parts tested as they should be brandnew anyway and I lost the 1 year assembled warranty.

  • What did you want to know exactly, people who did wanted the original boxes for whatever reason - resell, packaging etc..

    • oh sorry, should have been more clear just wanted to know how they packed stuff, like if it was bubble wrapped to handle transit or boxed well.

  • I would also like to know people's experience on this. Also regarding losing the 1 year assembled warranty, don't you receive separate manufacturer warranty from each of the different parts?

    • Yep, you still have the manufacturer's warranty, I'm pretty sure tech fast support will loge the claim. And regarding it being sent unshipped I was sent 2 boxes one with the case and the other with the parts, it came with air packets inside, and nothing came broken and everything looked pretty well packed IMO.

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