Help Me Select A Xiaomi Robot Vac

Looking to replace my original Xiaomi vacuum cleaner after years of service. It keeps resetting back to Chinese language and refuses to go back home, preferring to stop when the battery is drained. Anyway, it had a great life.

Over the lifetime of the vac, the product range seems to have exploded.

So, I'm not interested in the mop function at all. I have a large home (400sqm), one story. Some carpet, some floating floor. What I'm after is a combination of good value, big battery and good suction. Obviously would like smart features like my old one - would love something that remembers the map and lets me specifically assign rooms but I'm not sure if that is a thing yet. No mop required.

Is there an ozbargain go to model for this situation?



    I've been tracking Roborock S5 Max for my needs… Just waiting for next price drop.

    Choice did a comparison of robovacs recently ..see if you find that report from the local library


    I'm using Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro after trying Roborock S5 Max and I cannot be more happy for the price I paid for the amount of dust it sucks.


    What about the S5 Max didn't you like?

    Or was it purely a price/performance thing.