Razer Tartarus - One Handed Keyboard - with MMO

I noticed a new device in JB the other, although it may have been there from some time but I only noticed because it had "MMO for the win" written on it.

I play a lot of Guild Wars 2 with my son. I've been playing since it came out after progressing from GW1, so at least 15 years.

In that time WSAD has served me fine. Lately I've been playing PVP to get my dailies done quicker and have tried ranked matches. TBH I think my casual relaxed gameplay is holding me back and I find it doesn't cut it when trying to compete with others.

Now my question is, does anyone play MMO with a Tartarus (or Nostromo)?
I'm wondering whether having access to all the numbered skill buttons will be better than blindly moving the mouse across the screen each time, which slows things down.
I'm also worried the use of the 'joystick' and space bar together for jumping in directions is limited as they use the same 'finger' (thumb).

I was thinking of getting a cheap one from Marketplace or Gumtree to try it out, but they're still a little on the expensive side. I'm sure one will come up at the right price eventually.




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    I use one for WoW in pretty competitive play.

    I began using an MMO mouse like this https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/mouse-&-mouse-pads/mouse...
    (first result on google, likely not the best price out there) but had to change it up as I was getting really bad carpal tunnel.

    My setup is now:

    There are two versions of the tartarus - one with 1/0 switches and the other with optical switches with configurable depths (so it changes what button it sends to the PC depending if you press it half way in or full way in). I haven't used the configurable depths much but was thinking about using it for some more advanced out of game macros.

    This way I don't move my wrists or hands at all and don't need to stretch my fingers to hit any buttons like I would normally have to do.

    Regarding your concerns about dpad + space, I wouldn't worry about that at all - I regularly jump while moving around and you sort've use the base of your thumb (closer to your palm) to hit the space button while you move the dpad with the tip of your thumb.

    I have larger hands and I can hit all buttons comfortably, my partner with smaller hands struggles to hit the top row - so consider that.

    I use all 19 buttons (and I have re-mapped the "change mode" circle button just above the dpad as another button for use too). I've mapped the up/down on the scroll wheel just to the right of the 19 button/under the 15 button to interrupting, and find that very easy to hit quickly. So all up I use the 19 main buttons, the up/down on the scroll wheel, the circle button above the dpad, the "space bar" number 20 button as well as the dpad.

    The only downside is if you've used modifiers (i.e. shift modifiers) to hit more buttons/different buttons (some people like to press shift to get their defensive abilities and keep offensive abilities in the clear without a modifier) then this keypad doesn't really suit the modifiers. It kinda just goes the brute force method of giving you 22 methods of input and then a dpad.

    • Also yes, absolutely this will improve your game play over clicking abilities. Even the MMO mouse I linked will help with that.

  • If you're curious about the product category, have a search for 'one handed keyboard' on Amazon / Ebay. There are lot of cheap entry level ones to try out before you commit to a pricier product.

    I got one but it's for FPS titles, so I have more space for moving my mouse with a lower sensitivity setting.

    I don't play MMO anymore but if you're looking to get more keys to bind to, have you tried looking into setting modifiers on your mouse?

    In-game, bind 'Shift' to Mouse3.
    Set 1 = Action 1
    Set Shift (mouse3) + 1 = Action 2

    You can then repeat by binding 'Ctrl' to Mouse4, etc.

    • have thought about extra buttons on the mouse but, tbh, the 2 buttons i have there i've never used, i think i like having a grip for control rather than fiddling around with trying to control AND extra buttons.

  • Personally, a good MMO mouse is better than those Razer half keyboards.

    Also, if you have smaller hands, it may be difficult to reach all the keys and remain comfortable.

    • I do have small hands

      • The Razer's are adjustable but even at the smallest size I found it difficult to reach the top keys and the thumbpad comfortably.

        I have short, sausage fingers. From bottom of palm to top of middle finger is 18 cm.