New Feature - Private Messaging (beta) has been deployed

Hi OzBargainers, there is now a private messaging feature that you can use to contact other users. By default, anyone can send private messages provided your recipient(s) accept messages. You can edit your settings to accept private messages in the usual account settings page, i.e. 'My Account' on top menu bar -> Settings.

'My Account' now has a messages menu item which takes you to your inbox. If you have a new message, there will be an envelope on the right of the 'My Account'. Hovering over it will show the number of new messages tnat you have.

A few things to be aware of:

  • You can only initiate a conversation with someone who accepts private messages. The person who initiates a conversation is the conversation owner.
  • Only the conversation owner is allowed to add new recipients and edit the subject. A recipient cannot be removed.
  • Adding a recipient to an existing conversation allows that recipient to view the entire conversation, not just the new messages.
  • Penalised users cannot reply to any existing conversation unless it was initiated by a moderator. Penalised users cannot initiate new conversations.
  • Moderators may choose to contact you using the private messaging system even if your setting doesn't allow new conversations.

Do report any problems that you encounter. This is still a beta feature.

There is more information on the Help page.

[EDIT] The user contact form will be removed down the line once we have ironed out problems with private messaging.



    sounds really cool, now I can check msg at work.


    Can moderators access private conversations between users?


      No they can't.

      [EDIT] Moderators can't access any private conversation unless they are added as a recipient. The only perk that the moderator has is the ability to send a private message to someone who does not normally accept private messages from other users.


    Private messaging code has been updated today to place restrictions.
    As we are starting to see spammers using this feature, the new restriction only allows users from Australia to send messages.

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