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60% off SIRUI W-1004 Tripod + K10x Ball Head Kit $183.60 Delivered @ SIRUI Australia







The Sirui W-1004 Waterproof Aluminium Tripod with K-10x Ball Head is protected from water, dirt and dust. In addition, it has a newly designed locking mechanism for comfortable operation and a spirit level for accurate alignment. The tripod tubes are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium. Another special feature of this tripod is that one leg can be removed and used as a monopod. The centre column is made of two sections of different lengths. The short section can be used with the tripod for ground-level shots. The long section can be used to increase the height of the monopod to 162cm. The legs have three ratchet positions and can be folded up by 180° so that the tripod measures just 49cm when collapsed.

Each leg is made of 4 sections with 3 sealed twist locks. Rubber feet and metal spikes ensure that the tripod is stable on any surface.

The SIRUI KX series ball heads are designed and built to the highest standards. The tolerance between the ball and the bearing on SIRUI heads is a max. 0.01 mm. The superior quality is achieved by high-end CNC milling and high quality surface finish.

The base can be smoothly rotated by 360 °, thus panoramic shots are a breeze. With the three spirit levels the head can be perfectly aligned. The clamping device is compatible with the Arca-Swiss system, enabling the use of various quick-release plates. The safety lock system prevents accidental slippage of the quick release plate. The precise control of the knobs allows very smooth and effective locking and unlocking of the individual components. The knob for the friction of the ball can be limited in the KX series included is a limit scale for easy reference.

A stabilising hook on the centre column is a SIRUI standard, as are cold weather grips and a transport bag. The bag strap can also be used as a tripod strap.

Tripod Specs:

– Weight: 1.7kg
– Max. load: 15kg
– Tripod height: 14.5 – 165cm
– Monopod height: 44 – 162cm
– Closed size: 49cm
- Integrated monopod
- Aluminium in 4 sections
- Reversible 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch screw for heads/cameras
- Locking screw for head - Legs can be folded up by 180°
- Water and dust proof twist locks - Stabilising hook and cold weather grips

Included in the box:

1x SIRUI W-1004 waterproof tripod aluminium.
3x Rubber feet
3x Stainless steel spikes
1x 2nd Mounting plate
1x Wrist strap
1x Transport bag with strap

Ballhead Spec :

– Weight: 0.39kg– Max. load: 20kg– Height: 101mm
– Max. load: 20kg– Height: 101mm
– 360 ° panorama function and vertical notch
– Easy and fast control of all knobs
– Plate with 1/4″ stainless steel screw – head assembly with 3/8″ thread Safety Lock – prevents slipping of the plate
– Sliding Stopper – stops the camera slipping when in portrait mode
– Spirit levels – horizontally and vertically
– Quick release plate

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  • OP, have been looking at this VS the R2214X - how do they differ please? aside from waterproofing? R has 10-layer carbon but i can't find info re W-1004. thanks

    • Not the OP, but I have looked into it sometimes ago. As far as I can see, there are a few minor differences.
      - W-1004 is aluminium (W-1204 is the carbon version) vs. R-2204x is carbon
      - W-1004 has a monopod integrated
      - Diameter of the foot, W-1004: 25.8mm, R-2204X: 28mm (higher rated max load)
      - Minor differences in the folded height and Max height: 580 vs 610mm and 1800 vs 1730mm

  • Stick to Manfrotto! Have a Sirui S-1205-N Carbon tripod and after 12 months light use the carbon joints have disintegrated, so not really impressed.

    • Hmmm, I was about to order the traveler 5c, should I find something else?

    • +1 vote

      Hi MMM - that model tripod was discontinued around 8 years ago and was also not sold in Australia directly. The issue with his tripod is not the carbon fibre. It is a broken shim (a very minor component and easily damaged when taking the tripod apart) which is easily fixed. We have the parts available to supply to repair it. Please feel free to contact us via the contact form on the SIRUI Australia website if you would like to resolve this.

      • I purchased at PMA Australia from Sirui Australia some time ago? So have you improved the Carbon design? as I said had very little use and yet a broken shim?? this was marketed as a PRO product so does not place great faith though. Anyway happy to stand corrected. I set the tripod aside as a bad mistake went back to my Manfrotto's. If its easy to resolve as you said can you post me a full shim set?

        edit: Ok, have emailed you quoting the conversation here on your website contact form as you specified and will wait to hear, thank you.

    • I have to disagree. I have had a Sirui 2204X (also now superseded I think) CF tripod with K20X ball head for years and it is still in perfect condition. It is a great "mid-range" tripod that is a good compromise between a "too-lightweight" 5 section travel tripod and overly solid "beast" than is too heavy to travel with.

      Did you buy it second hand ? Just wondering how a tripod that was discontinued 8 years ago has only been used by you for 12 months ?

      I know that it can be changed, but Manfrotto's propriety QR plate system is painful compared to standard arca-swiss.

      The OP has offered you free replacement parts and only asks for proof of purchase for something you made out was 12 months old, but actually bought more than 8 years ago, and you criticise them - really ???

      • I agree - I picked up the "Sirui T-025X Carbon Fibre Tripod + C-10S Ball Head + 6 Year Australian warranty ($238AUD)" as a travel tripod in Dec 2017 and it is in great condition still.

        The only thing I wish it had was a monopod ability. It's been around the world, usually in checked in luggage so been party to some pretty gnarly bumps, but still works fine.

      • Previous life I owned camera stores in WA and purchased for personal use at PMA conference of the Sirui AU stand, so not gumtree. Really??? …not going to wade thru years of invoices, my time is more valuable. Just made a comment that hopefully they improved then ended in a sling match which again is a waste of time as I don't need to justify my comments.

        Just so you know I am not the only person in the world with this issue… there is another 😊 this review which was for the same tripod on B&H website and reviewed 25/2/2019 so not 8 years ago and this guy says it only lasted a few months with same issue.


        So, I suppose you could back to your factory and justify a $20 retail spare part? Anyway, happy to pay as I notice on your website that all this effort could have been saved with what is a $20 retail cost and presumably insignificant wholesale cost on your website for the spares.


        • +1 vote

          Ok so just been notified by the REP here from SIRUI that he had express sent thru replacement parts. So just wanted to say that I am impressed with his customer service in standing by his product and can't ask for more than that! really appreciate good service and effort in rectifying an issue, so well done to SIRUI and the REP here, thank you.

  • Not even carbon :(

    • To get a mid-range CF tripod with ball head for $180 delivered would truly be a remarkable OzBargain deal - very optimistic. Even the cheapest little semi-brand-name CF travel tripod costs a lot more than $180.

      • they advertise 60% off….

        who they trying to fool with 60% off … would you pay $459 for aluminium?

        you can often get the benro slim aluminium for $180+

        This is hardly a deal…

        • I do agree that the $459 RRP may be a little high, but I think that the Sirui W-1004 is in a somewhat different league to the Benro slim - this Sirui kit weighs 2.1kg and has a load rating of 15kg, and the Benro weighs only 1.2kg with a load rating of only 4kg - like comparing apples with watermelons. Heavier, stronger tripod.

          The W-1004 (legs only) is selling at George's for $264 and they want another $149 for a K10 ball head, so over $400 for the kit at Georges.

          BHP cameras in US is selling the kit for US$236 (about AU$330).

          So, I am inclined to think that the listed price of $183 is a pretty good deal if you want a good aluminium tripod. Personally I prefer CF, but to replace my 2204X + K20X at Georges would be $690, so a fair jump up.

  • Hi OP, any chance the W-2004 be on special? Need something tall and with more load than the W-1004, or you have recommendation of other aluminmun tripod please? Thanks.

  • Great deal although I have a specific use case for a lighter and lower weight-bearing tripod. Kicking myself I didn't jump on the deal for the ET-1004. Any chance that is coming back? Thanks.

  • Thanks OP! I've been looking at buying this tripod for seascape photography for a little bit.

  • I've had a A-1205 for a few years very happy with it

  • Any other models coming on special anytime soon OP?