Kogan 4k UHD TVs for Switch Gaming

Hope this is the right forum, but considering purchasing a ~55 or 60 inch Kogan TV for use in rumpus for playing Switch for relatively unsophisticated gamers (under 10). Any views on how they perform and if no good, any better alternatives in a similar price range?
Thanks in advance.


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    My kids and I play Mario Kart 8 on Switch on our 8 year old 46" Sony Bravia.

    It looks and works fine.

    There is no ghosting or blurring, I don't think you need a high end TV for such gaming.

    • Thanks - I suspect Netflix will get a run on the TV too so want to have the flexibility to do both…and I may also have to use it when I'm in the doghouse ;-)

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    Is this the Android TV or non-android? I have a 55" Android Kogan TV. I like it, works well and I play PS4 on it often. The UHD looks gorgeous as I'm moving up from a 30" TV without UHD but I imagine compared to a name brand it probably doesn't compare and I'm prob just happy to be getting good quality for once.

    Android TV aspect can be a little slow, sometimes I need to restart the device or re-connect my soundbar (switch from external to internal then back to external audio again). I also sometimes get kicked from netflix or amazon randomly. But I like just hitting the netflix button and watching something without having to start up the playstation. Also if you do a proper switch off (instead of the stand by mode it does) to try to fix things, it can take a little while to start up again.

    I'd definitely recommend a speaker of some sort, my soundbar is night and day to tv audio.

    Controller is average, I think it has bluetooth as well so it can use battery quite fast.

    Also I find it doesn't do well with Google home, like my old Hisense with chromecast I could turn on/off/volume/start playing something etc. But on this, if I tell the tv to switch off it will randomly come back on, or error if I ask to play something on Netflix.

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    I've got a 'dumb' Kogan 55" 4k tv in the spare room. It is about 3 years old now I believe, only issue was a problem with one button on the remote, Kogan quickly sent out a replacement remote. Around the edges mainly at the bottom I feel like the lighting seems to have dimmed in some parts (nothing over the top)

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