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Flying Power Energy Drink 250ml - $0.79 (Usually $0.99) @ ALDI


Saw these at my local Aldi.
These are a bargain at usual $0.99 anyway but even better at $0.79!
I personally prefer these than the 'originals' that I assume Aldi are copying in V and Redbull.

Available in Sugar Free Guarana, Regular Guarana, Original, 99% Sugar Free, Tropic or Sugar Free Tropic

Unsure how long these are available at this price.

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  • 'Flying Power'? Sounds like one of those odd translations from Chinese or something. Where are they made?

  • It is classic Aldi knock-off name.
    Made in Austria, which is where Redbull is made I believe.

  • Good deal! They're made in Austria from memory and taste as good as Red Bull

  • Do they taste the same or are similar?

    I reckon some of Aldi's products are made by the same company that they look similar to, just different labels so they can sell it cheaper.

    Gippsland Dairy Blueberry tastes exactly like Aldi's Dairy Dream imo. I'm sure there are other products, I could be completely wrong though.

    • Yes they definitely do, they don't have a factory making all their products just for them. I am unsure of exactly which products or how many but I believe a lot are made by the companies that they are competing with.
      For example Aldi's Lytos pot set Greek yoghurt is in the same pot and has exactly the same ingredients as the Jalna version last time I looked, but is a lot cheaper.

    • I once had to return a packet of English muffins that had gone mouldy before opening them, and the store manager said he'd have to report that to Tip Top bakeries. So, I imagine that's where they get a lot of their bread products from.

    • Probably depends on the item as some might be made by a company without a directly competing product, but yeah a lot of the time even with Coles and Woolies home brand its just a rebadge from one of the competing brands. Maybe they'll do a slightly different recipe in some cases, but in other cases its probably; cheaper to give them the exact same (economies of scale).

    • the green ones taste good, Kinda like V.

    • Adi's "Yoguri" High protein yoghurt tastes just like Chobani, and it's $4.99 compared to $6.50 in Coles or Woolies. Some of their stuff is really good value. Their muesli bars are good too

  • How do they taste compared to the main ones ?

    • Red Bull
    • Monster Energy
    • V Energy
    • Mother

    (generally, everyone's tastes are different)

    • Not the best but much cheaper than others

      • Monster is cheaper on frequent Amazon sales.

        • which is best for study cramming?

          • @queer dog geyfrog: When I was in the university I was doing a mix of caffeine powder, ginseng, taurine and eleutherococcus in concentrations from 10 to 100 times higher then any available energy drink..

            I'd say none of energy drinks actually work, unless you are a snowflake and don't even drink coffee/tea.

            Even caffeine pills and ephedrine from cough syrups were useless when I was actually tired, the latter is probably illegal in Australia and definitely not healthy lol so wouldn't recommend anyway.

            Taste-wise I'd prefer aldi guava over monster (or any other zero sugar drink). There are probably heaps of better tasting sugary drinks, but I'm trying to avoid unnecessary calories. Also I hate Red-bull taste, while most of the people seem to love it, so my opinion might not be accurate.

      • Mother 4 pack is $6.85 not on special, which comes to $3.43 / L

        This is $3.16 / L on special, and normally $4 / L

        So it's cheaper today, but not by a whole lot. Normally Mother would be the better deal

    • Nothing to do with being OP, just an Aldi lover moreso. I used to be V only, never liked Redbull, but perhaps as I have had a fair few due to their cheaper price I now prefer Flying Power over any other energy drinks now.
      Green one is V copy.
      Red one is Redbull copy.
      Tropic tastes very sweet, like V blue.

      • Green one doesn't hold a candle to V in terms of taste. I will still drink it because it is significantly cheaper, but if I had a choice, V always. Having said that, it's not bad at all, and I prefer this to Red Bull. Tropic flavour (yellow) is actually decent. Never tried the red.

      • Always found V too sweet but like Redbull. Monster if I'm desperate or need a bigger hit

    • The tropical tastes good, the others are kinda bland like Red Bull.

    • I only really drink the sugar free variants, so from that perspective I'd put it on par with v and better than red bull. It's also much better than monster, but I find that stuff borderline undrinkable, so that's not saying much.

      • Ya I only drink the sugarfree variants as well.

        For me the list would be:

        1. Red Bull Zero
        2. Monster Zero Ultra Citron (only seen in Europe)
        3. Monster Zero Ultra White
        4. Aldi Flying Power Guarana (Green can?)
        5. V Sugarfree (dunno what happened to the V Black those were better)
        6. Mother Sugarfree Blue

        Shit tier:
        Red Bull sugar free
        Anything tropical and sugar-free

        Probably explode one day from miscellaneous cancer but it'll be citrus flavoured death at least.

    • Top tier for me is still Monster Zero Ultra.

      These taste fine usually get the sugar free tropical when i run out of monsters.

      The mother sugar free tastes like ass.

      Never had sugar free V or redbull.

  • NQR 24pk X 330ml carabao $10 this week and taste not bad

  • Personally nothing beats the taste of red bull. But for value these are the best tasting ones. Much better than Monster etc.

  • Good value energy drinks. Taste isn't as good as redbull but ain't bad either. They are at $0.79 quite often.

    • They are also sugar free

      • But contain a fair amount of salt.

        • Salt actually isn't anywhere near as bad for you as it's made out to be.

          • @CheapBrah: Mmm not sure about that.

            Researchers seem to think that dose and concentration are hugely important, for example 3g of salt spread over a whole day has far less negative impact than 3g in a single meal (if salt is limited to 3g for that day)

            So if you had 4 meals containing 750mg of salt versus 4 meals that contained 250mg/250mg/2000mg/500mg the latter is worse overall due to the high concentration and dose of that meal.

            Its referred to as blood serum osmolality. Its fascinating.

            In nature its not really a problem because of how rare salt is.
            But with modern consumer packaged goods its a huge problem because so much food uses added salt for shelf-life and as a preservative.

            And unfortunately salt consumption can contribute to the storage of carbohydrates to fat.

          • @CheapBrah: which is worse, more sugar or more salt?

            • @queer dog geyfrog: The problem is they aren't mutually exclusive in most modern foods.

              Sugar acts as a preservative as does salt.

              Sugar acts as a flavour enhancer as does salt

              Sugar (fructose at least) is stored as fat often before your TDEE is reached.

              Salt in higher doses will encourage carbohydrates (even complex) to be stored as fat (I think it actually activates a pathway that MAKES fructose).

              A sweet, salty, fatty food item (donuts, chips, bakery goods, pizza) is essentially ticking every evolutionary pathway at the same time.

              Future diabetes and pre-diabetes numbers are gonna be crazy.

  • Get onto the coffees instead !

  • Aldi up to their usual tricks. Increase price to then 'reduce' later. Must be the third or fourth time it has been $0.79. Probably my favourite energy drink to be honest. The tropical sugarfree version is the best.

  • That's my fav too.

  • All the teenagers go to drink in fountain gate, look at moi

  • There's plenty of sugar free versions for those worried about sugar and calories, I've lost 70kgs and still like my energy as long as it's sugar free I'm good..

  • Are these special buy items? If not, I guess I should be able to find them near the soft drinks aisle.

    • These are standard lines, not special buys, so like you said, you'll be able to get these at any time where the soft drinks are kept.

      • I uploaded a pic which has been replaced by store link, fair enough, but it showed these were a Super Saver special, while stock lasts, but also on tag it said new low price. Go figure. They were in the Super Saver section of the shop.

  • Mother is about the same price if you're going to drink 500ml (either through 4x500ml packs at Woolies which are like $6.50 or a crate from Amazon which works out even cheaper)

    Mother also does best on the "energy" part of energy drink, with Red Bull in second, and the rest completely useless.

    • I miss how Mother use to taste before they changed the recipe :( Was such a unique tasting energy drink, but not very popular.

      • Me too. Its because it was mostly apple juice and lemon juice (about 65% if I remember correctly).

        Was basically fruit juice with caffeine. RIP OG Mother

    • I like Mother Original for it’s taste but damn their recipe makes me sleepy instead of waking me up.

      ALDI, redbull and V give me some energy but Mother just makes me sleepy lol

  • Sugar Free Guarana tastes completely inoffensive unlike Monster or V which i think are atrociously sweet or in their sugar free options taste weirdly metallic.

  • +10 cent return and earn so only 69 cent a can.

  • I prefer Aldi sugar free over Red Bull sugar free. RB have tweaked the formula and added Stevia. The product is now even sweeter and just doesn't taste right.

  • These are a bargain at usual $0.99 anyway

    Funny thing is, they used to be $0.79 for multiple years :)

    Then they increased it to $0.99 as they introduced the new flavours about a year ago haha

  • Yes very sneaky haha. I remember now. I buy them at 99c anyway, just bought a couple more than normal, I mean its only 20c.

  • Can definately recommend the tropical flavour! that stuff is good!