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[NSW] Telestrations Board Game 4-8 Players $10 @ Big W Pagewood


Cheapest ever found, $10 for a 4-8 players Telestration board game. paid $40++ in most game stores or online.

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    Good Found. Unfortunately I can't find it on Big W Website, it must be store specific. For those who can't get it, you can actually replicate this game with a few notepads. Having said that, I would still buy it at $10.

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    Some really funny memories playing this game. Definitely recommend especially at this price

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    It's a shame the box makes this game look like a generic pictionary ripoff because it's actually a really good game.
    Highly recommended especially for 8 people.

  • Fun game.

  • Great underrated game . had us laughing in stiches and tears.

  • Ah, looks identical in premise to Scrawl!

  • Chinese whispers? https://youtu.be/NBGOryiqZZI

  • Great game, can't recommend it enough. Fun for kids and adults. For $10 it's a steal, I got it online for $40.

  • $10 is a no-brainer. Excellent stocking stuffer and great to crack out even if your friends are not real 'gamers'

  • great game!

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    Just picked up a copy from Big W Chermside.

    Scanned at $10 on the price check machines, however it required a price check confirmation at the self serve registers from a staff member.

    • There's one copy left at Chermside.

      Sold out at MacArthur Central, Brisbane CBD.

      • Sold out at Chermside.

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    Picked up a copy from Big W Dapto, thanks OP!

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    Really great game with a large group. We have just resorted to use a stack of paper as that's all you really need to play it.

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    Just picked up a copy from Big W Campsie. I nearly bought one at $42 earlier this week (got distracted by a Kaiju board game and bought that one instead).. phew! Thank you so much for sharing OP!

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    Still a few in stock at Big W Macquarie. Looking forward to playing it. Thanks OP!

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    Got one yesterday at Big W Tweed City. Fun game would definitely recommend!

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    5 left at Canberra Airport.

  • Does anyone know how many are left at Pagewood? Ballpark is ok, thanks

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