Couriers Please Lost My Parcel Sent from Target

How do I get my money back? absolutely useless…. their support staff do nothing just the same scripted responses.

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  • According to the Target website:
    "…we will use either Australia Post or TOLL/IPEC to deliver your order …"

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    They really missed the Target with that one.

  • I'm sorry for your loss, it must be tough

  • what is their response?

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    Contact Target. Is their responsibility to get the package to you regardless of the courier used. Target should either make sure you get your parcel or refund you.

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    If Target aren't helpful you can always ask for a chargeback from your credit card provider.

  • My last order from Target took Courier Please 3 weeks to pickup for delivery.

    Courier Please also lost my Black Friday Order from Amazon AU. Was able to get a full refund + courtesy credit from Amazon AU.

    • That’s a long ass time :/ mines been with driver for delivery for 4 days and was expected to be delivered on Tuesday.

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        That doesn't necessarily mean lost - you may still get it. I've had the same experience where I panicked but the package still was delivered.

        • It’s not normal to take 5+ days to deliver when it’s in my state and miss the delivery date. I had a package sent from them a few days ago out of state and it took 2 days. Plus it’s been with the driver for 3 days.

          • @Kkkzo: Aus post took 3 weeks to go 22klms….. anything is possible.

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        did you get any emails that it is lost..? Or an email that it was delivered? Had some emails like that before and you just randomly receive the package a few days after it's "onboard for delivery".

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    You are not their customer, Target is. Tell Target you haven't received your package and let them deal with it.

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    I ordered a semi-perishable item in mid November, and Couriers Please took over 5 weeks to deliver. By the time it arrived, it was past the use by date. Still arguing with the supplier. Eventually initiated a charge back which is being fought by the supplier (Groan)

  • Were they delivering it to you or to the store for pick up?
    Last thing I ordered C&C from Target, they sent me tracking with Couriers Please for some reason. Got the notification from Target to say it was ready for collection, picked it up then a day later they emailed say it was delivered to Target lol

    As others are saying, contact Target to track/replace/refund it.

  • Send them an email. One time I did a click collect on some foam mats for my baby and one pack was used and so dirty with dirty shoe prints all over it, and a container was broken. I took photos and they gave me a refund without returning (start of covid). Shouldn't be too hard for you to get your money back if the tracking shows undelivered.

  • More like Couriers Please Get Off Your Ass And Get Me My Parcel in my experience.

    Mind you, I've found most couriers to be spectacular in their uselessness.

  • It’s only a few days late - have some patience! Give it another week and then contact Target again.

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    Like others mentioned, Target hold the Contract of Carriage so sort it out with them.

    On another note, I've only ever had good experiences with Couriers Please. Fastway/Aramex on the other hand cause me so many headaches.

  • I had the same courier delivered my scooter this week and they left it in my front door eventhough i was not at home and did not opt for a safe drop. I am not in a gated property so it is a good thing that it was not stolen. #CouriersNOTpleaseD

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