Google Nest Wi-Fi, Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2, Telstra nbn HFC

Hi all, i really need help.

I'm currently with a NBN provider who uses Vocus backbone, and i wanted to go back to Telstra NBN. So when the $90 a month first 12 months came up, i decided id re-join. that was 23rd of Nov 2020.

Telstra sent me the GEN2, but i use Google Nest Wi-Fi (GNW) at the moment and didn't want to change as i needed mesh wifi.

Im not sure about what happened, but straight off the bat, Telstra didn't work when they told me it had been connected and was ready. MATENBN (current) is pppoe so i changed the settings in GNW for dhcp (telstra?) but that didnt help.

Also, the GEN2 wouldnt connect even though the light was green.

After months of back and forward, im waiting for a tech from nbn/telstra, (im really not sure) to attend my house in sydney. That will be on the 12th of Feb 2021. I currently HAVE NBN, and keep paying MATENBN, telstra havent charged me anything, but they have an on going "order in progress" in my account. And yes, i have an account.

So I'm very confused. Is it my setup thats faulty? the internet? the NBN? Telstra? what can i try?

thanks :(



    Maybe try a reset on the telstra modem?

    Then connect only it across the line.

    If you are then connected to telstra, at least you will know that?

    I think there is a "pinhole" on the rear of GEN2 for reset

    read the info that came with the modem for reset info?

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    If you’re on HFC, unless you need to use the house phone (or the 4G backup), you don’t even need the Smart Modem. You can just plug the Google Wifi into the NBN NTD


    @Grog, OK I'll try that today.

    Further to what I originally wrote, I visited my nearest Telstra shop and spoke with someone. Twice. And they made 2 new orders in total. Each time the order has been cancelled. Telstra have said they cant churn the NBN remotely, via NBN software?

    When i left telstra HFC NBN for MateNBN, the churn took less than 2 hrs?

    I just dont understand why its nearly impossible to churn from MateNBN to TelstraNBN?

    @Supasaiyan, Hi, yes thats what I thought too.

    If it isnt my hardware on my premises, is something wrong with the cable to the house? I dont see why its been 2.5 months since I signed up, that I havent been churned yet :(


      pm me your order number (1-xx)

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    Telstra's ordering process is your problem, they are hopeless.