Bingle Car Insurance - New Quote is Cheaper than Existing Policy

Hi everyone, how are you?

So my friend went to renew her mum's car insurance with Bingle and was curious what the automatic quoted price would be if she got a new quote. Turns out it's $150 cheaper with the new quote. As Bingle is a no-contact business (unless you need to make a claim), there's no way to discuss the matter with them.

We're thinking of closing her mum's account (done via the self-login area) and opening a new policy with the new quoted price, to save her the money.

I was wondering if anyone has done this and has it all worked out okay? Or does the Bingle system detect the rego number and force the old policy to resume, or something?

Have a good one!


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    Common for car insurance renewals to be more expensive, than a new quote. Insurers are trying to always get more new policy holders - there is no benefit in being an existing policy holder (but they would like you to think there is …)

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    I do it every year with home insurance, they hope to catch people out with lazy tax. Also don't forget to shop around with other insurance companies.

  • I do it all the time.

  • Yep I've done this numerous times.

    • You've done what?

      • done exactly what he just did

    • So you did it with Bingle?

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    same with RAA in SA, even tho its yearly priced and i pay monthly, i randomly did a quote and it was 15$ cheaper. in my case i just called them and told them the quote number i got form the website and they happily reduced it next cycle.

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    it is always like that.

  • Standard with all insurance companies that I know of. ALWAYS get a quote where you indicate everything correctly EXCEPT that you currently have insurance with the company you are getting the quote from. If you find it's allot less then ring them up and see how close they can get and in allot of cases they will get within $10 to $20 and sometimes match it. Some will say sorry that is only for new customers and then you change insurance companies if you can find a cheaper one.

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    Get Woolworths / Coles insurance to price beat Bingle quote. Also, it has some additional benefits (points/fuel discounts) if you move to those two.

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    Has been this way since Barney Rubble the caveman drove Fred Flintstones car to the drive in.

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    Frustrating but like the above posts, there's no reward for loyalty with insurers. I work on a rotation of Budget direct, AAMI and CGU/Woolies/ Aus post. I don't even bother getting my existing insurance to price match. I have noticed with my last insurance going back to one from a couple of years ago (AAMI) they gave me a fantastic price, $300 less for Comprehensive insurance then the opposition. Also if you want to check your existing insurers real price change your address to next door and don't use your number plate to get a quote.

  • Budget Direct surprised me this time with their new car insurance quote to be more expensive that to roll over with them. I will take their offer and enjoy my untaxed laziness.

  • NRMA has years of cover and number of policies discount to a max of 25% discount. Has anyone tested to see if this is genuine or not? Compared to other insurers, overall it can be much cheaper when I spot check each year.

  • A bit of an update. We did a quote with Budget Direct and it was $100 less than the new Bingle quote, so my friend is going to cancel her mother's Bingle account to go with BD. We realise BD has 15% off for the new policy so it will go up a bit closer to Bingle next year, but if this year is any indication of what lies ahead then I imagine Bingle would only go up again anyway, so she is still saving regardless.

    What didn't make sense was that the Bingle renewal invoice was $160 more than last year for no apparent reason. We can only guess it is the location, that somehow it's been flagged as an area of increased car theft / theft from cars over the past 12 months, since her mother hasn't changed anything or had any claims for many years. Or, Bingle simply had to increase its operating costs, maybe due to Covid-19 impact. The new quote we got was more in line with last year's policy cost.

  • Just beware of bingle as you will have no support in case of accidents that are not your fault.

  • Try Woolworths Car insurance, we did and saved a bundle.