Plan Deals - New Customers Only?

It's quite common to see mobile SIM deals for "New Customers Only".

Is this a case of qualifying only if …

A. No 'current' account with company XYZ eg having ported out from XYZ a week, a month.1 year previously or, a genuine 1st time joining.
B. Already have existing account but can still sign up for a 2nd additional new service and new number

Do all providers apply same "New Only" prerequisite - eg (A). or are some more flexible as in (B) ??


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    There no single answer to your question, you'd need to read the provider T&C's for each specific deal.


      Most Telcos do not care at all.

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    Some providers such as Kogan require you to port out for at least 30 days to be considered as a new customer once you come back.


      Vodafone adopted this as well.