Retirement Age Approaching - Options to Cut Back Hours?

Hello everyone

My dad is approaching retirement age - works in the manufacturing sector. Although he is appreciative of his employer - job for more than 30 years almost - however it seems like they're now asking him what his plans for retirement are - for instance the other day they asked him 'let us know when you plan to retire in advance ~2months so someone can be trained'.

He understands that work must continue and a new trainee needs to be used. However he would ideally like to cut back his working hours - rather than completely retire - say work 2-3 days a week. He's not too sure about approaching this with his employer - I think they expect him to retire completely. I did some research for him and what I read is that they cannot force him to retire - which is fair enough. However he definitely would not want to be working full time. If he does ask to cut back to 2-3 days a week - if they refuse then will he ultimately just have to retire completely?

Also, I looked up the income/assets on pension - what I gather is that up to approximately $300+$316=$616 per fortnight can be earned without affecting the pension?

He will talk to them next week but I guess I was hoping to give him advice - he's not the type to go to an employment advocate or lawyer etc. Was hoping OzBargain could give me some advice? His rights?


TLDR: Retirement age soon - work wants him to completely retire - however he would like to continue with few days a week/options.


  • Has your Dad considered retiring completely and offering his services to his employer as a Consultant? Is that possible?

    He could then work the hours he was comfortable with, be on a good income, and still, if worked right, qualify for the pension benefits, including a Health Care Card.

  • Maybe there is some way he can Mentor someone, possibly they would do a few days on site with him and a few at TAFE.

    Two months training is pretty short, it assumes the trainee takes on board everything and that the trainer is fit and well.

    Currently Age for Age Pension

    (Born between 1 January 1954 and 30 June 1955) 66 years
    1 July 2019

    (Born between 1 July 1955 and 31 December 1956) 66 years and 6 months from
    1 July 2021

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    Due to his age, your dad qualifies for flexible working arrangements (for example like cutting down hours). This is probably the best avenue for him to go down. The employer can still knock it back though it needs to go through more of a process. Also check if he is covered by an EBA, there might be something additional in there to the Flexible Working Arrangements that apply to all eligible employees in Australia.

  • he could take long service leave on half pay and still be employed with lower tax and cut back his working days, he should talk to fis officers at centrelink to work out how best to transfer assets to his wife's super if younger to lower his assets assessed for centrelink. idea is to get it down to maximise centrelink. employer cannot refuse reasonable requests or he could see the relevant state dept.

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