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Buy One Get One Free: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi - $189-$219 + $20 Shipping @ MA1


Buy one get one free MA1 BJJ gi
Good deal for Australian brand gi's

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    Title should be “B1G1 BJJ Gi @ MA1 $239” that way you avoid all descriptive words telling people what the items are.


      Free BJ! Wooo


      If you didn't already know, a 'Gi' is the name for the thick pyjamas BJJ & Judo players wear.
      'BOGOF BJJ Gi @ MA1' would be very easy to understand.

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    This is expensive for a gi.
    I've purchased gis for my daughter and paid $120 for excellent quality gis.

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      where from? and how do you tell the difference from an average gi to an excellent quality gi?


      Joe Rogan focuses on no-gi. Also, kids gis are generally cheaper than adults.


      I'd not pay rrp of $189 for a single Gi unless it had something unique going for it, the BOGOF makes this a good deal if you are in the market for two and like the look of their product though


    Is it better than Mizuno?


    The price seems very good, however I wouldn't need 2.

    Shame, alot of sizes are out of stock! I like the black/purple one.


      Title has changed since my 1st comment. It didn't originally refer to buy 1 get 1 free. (2 total)
      This seems like a good deal for 2 x gis.