What Pokemon Card Sets is Everyone Collecting For Potential Future Investment

Hi All, with what seems like a never ending supply of newer Pokemon Cards. Just interested to know what sets other than series 1 are people collecting and keeping sealed for a potential future of increase in value. Would be good to hear peoples opinions.



  • There's a new 'First Partner' set coming up with oversize cards to celebrate the 25th anniversary that hark back to the early day designs. Pretty cheap but will certainly increase in price once out of print and become collectors. There's a binder to match too.


    Aside from that, the black star Promos go for very very good money if you complete a set. SM Promos set is approx $3,000-4,000+ right now. It's quite a long wait to find the right person that wants to buy it but will sell eventually.

    The normal quarterly series aren't worth much beyond specific ultra rare cards that you'll need to send off for PSA grading.

  • Well I still have a folder of about 350-400 cards from back in the day; I wouldn't really call it collecting so much as I just never bothered throwing them out and/or forgot about them.
    There's about 30 holos, maybe a dozen first editions, LOTS of duplicates of sh*tty ones like Abra, Meowth, Diglett, Magikarp, Potions and energy cards along with some promotional cards that you got from seeing the Pokemon movies or in packets of Kraft cheese. They're predominantly first gen cards with a smattering of 2nd gen, I think most of them came from booster packs, maybe only the base set and one other expansion are present in their entirety.

    Seeing as I haven't followed Pokemon since Gen 2, I have no idea what they're worth or whether they're worth keeping around.

    • Burn them, they are what has been holding you back from your full potential.

    • sold all mine about a year before major price rises for $70. First gen "shadowless" are the most expensive. The "shadow" is around the card portrait. I had first gen w/ shadow, and common holos like Ninetales can sell for $30. Anything "Charizard" is expensive… not seeing prices on ebay for less than $200 for a holo.

      • So $70 for a whole collection or $70 for each individual rare card?

        Where did you find buyers?

        • everything unfortunately… set was from 1999. Definitely had a Charizard, dark Charizard, Blastoise, Scyther, ninetales holos + a few others… I would say cash out now imo… it's really high at the moment. Market is active now, so any of the big sites should get people. Just watch them carefully and don't let them handle the cards as that's how I had some stolen…

          • @hyaspty: I'm intrigued. What are these "big sites" for buying/selling cards you speak of? It might finally be time to cash out this "investment".

            • @Gnostikos: Gumtree, facebook, maybe ebay…

              • @hyaspty: Cool, I'll give it a shot. Is it worth putting up each holo/rare card as an individual ad or just making one ad for the entire binder of cards with a photo of each page and letting people negotiate what they want?

                • @Gnostikos: Prices are so crazy that I would go through and price individually. Sample advert for $1500: [Link}(https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/123690826225635/?r...) You would probably have most of those cards. Pricing for everything could be an option if you wanted a quick sale.

                  • @hyaspty: I do have quite a few of those cards for sure, along with some others that I assume would be able to fetch a decent price.

                    It's more ads like this or this that make me wonder whether they're just taking the piss or there are collectors out there willing to pay that kind of money?

                    I have both of those cards and I would say they are most definitely in mint condition as they've been sitting double-sleeved in a binder that's been wrapped in a bag for nearly two decades at this point.

                    • @Gnostikos: yeah, it's really hyped right now. You even have to pay to get your cards graded, which is why they then go for similar "PSA" prices to the US. Better to look at sold prices on ebay (in the filter) to see what people are actually paying.

    • I hope your cards are in non acid pvc sleeves.

      • I don't know about the sleeves but the cards look fine, can't see any evidence of yellowing or hardening.

  • None dont invest in pokemon

  • i'd concentrate mostly on the holiday sets if you are looking at investing into modern pokemon sets.

    unfortunately, no modern set will ever match the desirability and price of the original base sets and first editions.
    not only were there less being produced, but also there are not many great condition cards as many people who were in the hobby back then was for play and collect, and didn't really store them in best conditions.

    Today, the hobby is alot different. most people i know who collect modern pokemon cards sleeve the cards straight from packet. as such, in 20 years time, there will be heaps of great condition cards available.