Check Your Dash Cams Everyone

Hi All,

Recently I was involved in an head on accident. The other driver in an stolen vehicle on meth. Just wrong place wrong time.

Lucky to be alive and witnesses helped out.

Dash cam appeared to be recording but very disappointed when footage did not appear when checking the memory card.

What ever dash cam you have… I just want you guys to check your footage every now and then just to see if the dash cam is working.

Thank you for reading my life story.


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    What was the memory card?
    How long have you had it in the dash cam?
    How many hours do you think it has recorded all up?

    Depending on the memory card it may have hit the write limit on the flash chips used.

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    Were there old dash cam clips still on it? Or were there corrupted files?

    I have a gator dash cam and when checking it after a near miss I noticed its g force detection was saving video from every pot hole and speed bump causing my memory card to fill up with saved recordings and thus only having recordings from my last 5 mins of driving.

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      You need a better dash cam. It should overwrite the oldest footage first in a loop so you're constantly having the last X (say 3 hours) or so of most recent footage.

    • Turn down the sensitivity or turn it off. Don't know why anyone needs g force detection when you will obviously know when you got into a crash lol

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        Turned it off, but the default setting was on and at high sensitivity

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    Sound advice. Also, check it after you have your car serviced, our local Honda and Toyota garages unplugged ours, one is my parents car and they didn't realise for two weeks. I have no problem with them unplugging the cams as long as they are plugged back in before the car is collected.

    PS: Glad you are okay and the outcome wasn't worse. Nothing to upload to YouTube which is the real tragedy here.

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      You have to think WHY they are unplugging it…. So they don't show you what they are really doing at the dealerships.

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        You have to think WHY they are unplugging it…. So they don't show you what they are really doing at the dealerships.

        No, I'm pretty sure it is so that they can service/fix your car without any fear that they will 'short out'/screw up your dash cam while they are working on anything that shares a circuit with it. If he is still an OzB member, 'Rockyracoon' (or sommat like that) will be able to shed light on this …

      • If they just unplugged it, it would still be running in parking/surveillance/sentry mode until the battery runs out, so it might show you some of what they are doing or not doing. Albeit with the car bonnet open, the view will be obscured anyway.

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      Unplug dashcam = never get my business again

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        Oh you're a sensitive little kitten.

        Their shop. Their rules.

        No harm in unplugging when asked. I do it just as a courtesy without being offended.

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        …never get my business again

        Careful.. you might run out of Peugeot specialists! 😋

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    Your life story is leaving plenty of space for prequels. I respect that. Subscribed.

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    Literally had this 4 months ago, the mico Sd card was corrupt.. Guh

  • I had a similar issue when going to Brisbane from Sydney a few years back. Bought a new gator dashcam and had the sandisk extreme card in it. Setting was to record on movement but I guess do M1 moving by at 100 clocks wasn’t enough movement. For the 2 days we took to get there it recorded about 1hour of various carpark movements. It would’ve come in handy for DCOA as I had a retard overtake me almost wipe the nose off the car just to pull into a rest stop 100m ahead. They were following his mate whom was ahead of me going 90kph so I waited patiently for retard to overtake.

  • If you’re like me and disabled beeps on viofo dash cam, always make sure the red light isn’t blinking.. my a119pro and a129pro both actually had issues with memory card and were not recording half the time.

    • what is the card ? I have a cheap Samsung 128GB Evo Plus 128 GB card on V119 v3 for more than a year without any issues.

      • Sandisk Extreme 128GB microSD UHS-I Card with Adapter - 160MB/s U3 A2 - SDSQXA1-128G-GN6MA, Black

        Bought from amazon

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          You should get the endurance cards for dashcams as normal cards have limitations on how often they can write to flash sectors/bytes. On a PC this does not come into play for a long time, but with a dashcam it occurs allot sooner.

  • Thanks OP this is good advice.

  • i had a near miss before but realised my cam was not recording properly as well ! After a few years, they need a reset and a reformat.

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