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Nerf Elite Dart 250 Refill Pack $15 (40% off RRP $25) + $9 Delivery /+ $3 C&C @ Target


Seems pretty good deal. Elite darts fits most of the Nerf guns and other third party guns too. 40% off is real good deal.

Available in store and click and collect from online as well.

Delivery is $9, or $0 with $45 spend.
Click & collect is $3, or $0 with $20 spend.

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    Better pick up two, because these definitely can't get lost right? Hahaha…ha ha…ha


    Bring on the
    Nerf War
    Turf War!!

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    Not as cheap as knock off darts but a lot softer/safer.

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    Kmart are doing waffle head darts at the moment - 200 for $12.

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    Rubbish darts if you care that the darts go in the direction you aim, they are not very straight shooters. I have not seen the Kmart alternative but it is likely heaps better, next time I am near Kmart I will be grabbing a pack (waffle head darts)


    Add another $85 and pay with zip pay to get cashback $20 with a spend of $100


    250 Elite darts @ $15 = $0.06 each


    200 Kmart darts @ $12 = $0.06 each

    We prefer the Nerf darts over aftermarket darts but I haven't tried the Kmart ones.
    I came across this kids review on the Kmart ones, which is actually very good : https://youtu.be/4k8hj_xWApY


      The waffle darts are much more accurate but don't shoot quite as fast.

      It's my preferred dart for shooting colleagues at work as I can consistently land stealthy headshots while having confidence they won't veer off like elite darts and piss off the boss by landing on their desk.


    Can anyone tell me if they work in nerf mega guns/blasters?