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Canadian Club Whisky 1L $49.85 (OOS) / Gordon's London Dry Gin 1L $49.70 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Canadian Club Whisky 1L out of stock with amazon can still be purchase from Dan Murphies Online for $49.85

Decent price for the 1ltr bottle ($4.99/100mL). Price matched Dan Murphies Online, but higher cashback with amazon

6% Cashback via shopback or cashrewards
Gordon's London Dry Gin 1L $49.70

Current pricing elsewhere
Dan Murphies Online $49.85
BWS $65
FirstChoice $53

Also, have the premixed Canadian Club Whisky & Dry Cans 375ml, (Pack of 24) $79.95

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Hmmm, I've got sloe berries on my property. Might have to buy some cheap gin and turn it into something non-cheap.

    • That sounds like a great idea. Do you use them fresh or dried? How much do you use? How long do you let them steep?

      • I've never actually tried tbh. Often get pickers on the side of the road taking them, when I've asked them in the past, I recall them saying something like three months to steep.

        My son was looking into it, and he said to freeze them first.

        • My son was looking into it, and he said to freeze them first.

          Sounds cool…

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    Cheers just got the last bottle of CC. Looks to be OOS now.

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    Thanks OP. Bought from Dan Murphy's online with discounted gift cards + cashback

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    I bought alcohol from Amazon recently and for some reason the delivery didnt show up. Turns out it was damaged in shipping. Whilst Amazon is very convenient, I do not think you will get anymore than their usual packaging for alcohol (just stuffed paper, probably). They ended up sending another one out, but I haven't received it yet to confirm about their shipping protection.

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      Wrong. They bubble wrap the F out of it, I've ordered about 10 bottles so far over the last 12 months and never had a problem.

    • Mine have always come very well wrapped. No issues ever

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        I wonder why the downvote, Aus Post called me to tell me it was damaged and offered compensation for the package. They pointed fingers at the packaging itself but perhaps it was just AP, but both Amazon and AP have been very good to me so far in my area.

        If its not the wrapping of the main bottle, then something else must have gone wrong, perhaps with the free 50mL bottle with my order. Again, I never got to see the packaging, but I can only share my experience.

        • Sounds like you just had a bad experience. Glad it's being dealt with. Amazon will make sure you are looked after

          • @Pharmacy: Hmm I don’t know what to say. My replacement arrived but it was leaking from the lid. Not much but the bottle needed a wipe down from top to toe.

    • +1

      I had the exact same thing with Amazon.
      I wasn't contacted, I only found out because delivery was late. After contacting Amazon support I was told it was damaged in transit and I was offered a refund or resend.
      Even the resent package wasn't properly bubble wrapped like with other people.
      So YMMV.
      Upvoting this comment because I had the exact same experience.
      In the end package arrived 2 weeks later than expected delivery date.

      • I honestly suspect there’s just a few workers who are super lazy in the packing lines. Most times it’s good but other times it’s super questionable.

        Amazon in US/UK is super susceptible to this. Who uses packing air to protect cast iron pans in shipping? Or directly tapes 3 items together so that the boxes are destroyed by the time it arrives.

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    Canadian club is a very underrated whisky

    Definitely worth it if under $50

    • 100% agree

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    to those that have missed this, Costco also have the same price, without the delivery waiting period.

  • Anyone have suggestions on how to replicate the premix dry flavour using the CC? I've tried with schweppes ginger ale but just doesn't taste the same.

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        I've used Canada Dry with my Canadian Club whiskey and think it tastes even better than the premix. Not to mention you're in control of the ratio of alcohol to ginger ale!