What Is Everyone's Go-to Non-Electric Scooter For Adults

Hi OzB brains trust,

I am looking to cut my commute by hopefully 2/3 by using a push scooter and was hoping that someone had good experiences with a relatively inexpensive (budget 50-100) one. The path I take is generally well paved so not looking at one with all the bells and whistles.

I had a look at eBay and they are generally priced @ ~$90 and wondered how much better this was than something that is priced around ~$60 at say BigW or Kmart.

Thanks all :)


  • how far is your commute?

    • Its a 30 minute walk currently. When I 'trialled' the scooter at BigW, it seems like I can actually cut it down to 10-15mins.

  • Xooter.

    • none available in aus cos of covid!

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    I used to do this with a kiddie's scooter, they can take up to 60kg though I was probably weighing in at 70 kg with my backpack.
    Ideal for traveling on the train if the handle folds down against the body.
    I will warn you that the ones with small wheels are the lightest but they don't like any bumps on the pavement, I've flown over the top of the handlebar numerous times on the most insignificant change in level. A one inch step will stop the scooter dead, while you continue towards the ground.
    I would consider using one with bigger wheels, you will definitely get a smoother ride.

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      While I can't recommend anything (been too long since I regularly scooted) the small wheels are a problem is very very real - just about any hole, bump, stone or move off a solid surface onto grass can/will be a full stop. I found wet surfaces were a problem as well (too easy to skid when turning). Continuous braking (down a long slope for example) can result in the back brake pedal becoming extremely hot - melt non-leather shoe sole hot.

      Don't go ultra cheap as you want something solid and sturdy.

  • I am in the same boat, would have loved the electric but not legal. Scooter is better cause of the folding option.
    I did look at a bike but carrying it but then storing is an issue. I had one stolen :(

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    Wait for council clean up, grab a few and test them. Might be all you need or at least inform your purchase decision.

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    Here is a forum i started earlier in the year. I ended up with a micro. I'd go with the classic or the downtown (I wish I got the downtown, for the handbrake and easy kick fold mechanism).

    Great quality product.

    One thing I learnt was, make sure its all aligned etc. Mine was slightly mis-aligned which I had to take back, which they showed me how to do it myself.

    • Thanks for that.

      I had a look at the micro, whilst nice to have is out of my budget of ~$100. Its really just the once/twice a week ride so value-wise, I don't think I would get as much out of it as you would.

      • I tried the Razor a5. Should you get a deal, it should go down from 160. theres a few deals on OzB around the 100 mark. Try finding something similar to that!

        It's honestly pretty similar to the micro in terms of feel/build etc.

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    I'd get whatever someone nearby is offloading on gumtree or fb, after riding it twice in the past 2 years

    • I always seem to see only the kiddy ones being offloaded. Might have to scour the internet a bit more :)

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    A Car

  • You'll need to pay more than your current budget, the ones from big w etc are all kids scooters. You need something for adults. They're very uncommon, you'd be very lucky to find one second hand.

    • I feel that with all the discussions here. Time to convince the missus that we're looking at circa $200 each :(

  • I have the razor A5 air scooter.

    I don't commute. Use it to keep with the kids.

    Been great. Only con is the underside clearance of the deck is low so can catch you off guard sometimes when you go over a high spot…

    Over budget though.

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    I was looking at something to chase my kids around the park with. Might wait for this to be in stock - https://www.kmart.com.au/product/x-cruiser-commuter-scooter/...

    Looks cool, folds, big wheels and takes my weight.