This was posted 8 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PC] Free - Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China @ Ubisoft


Edit - no VPN required.

This game will be free as part of Ubisoft‘a lunar new year promo.

VPN may be required though previous Ubisoft China freebies have worked without one.

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    As it's not in the header yet, It's from the 10th Feb - 16th Feb

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    the first time a CNY game was offered free with VPN it ended up being mandarin language only. Joke was on us and I thought it was hilarious actually, after all that fiddling to get it.

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      Learn Mandarin. It's what our Chinese Overlords will want.

      • Did we learn English from American Overlord?

        • Yes, especially when they raped and pillaged

  • bought it for a dollar or two ages ago
    fun game

  • Chinese server required for VPN? I'm with Nord but closest seems to be HK

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      i'm also surprised VPN servers exist in China.

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        If you are a fan of anime and understand Japanese/Chinese, you will find China is somewhat the second/third paradise after Japan or HK.

        • can't you access this stuff from oz?

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            @lostn: You sure can but at a much higher cost… The membership fee there is cheaper… there are also some that free from membership and also ad-free… website like bilibili somehow has a better connection to oz too (compare to Crunchyroll)… although no English sub and the censorship against politics, violence, and nudity, etc are problems… e.g. you can't even watch SAO Alicization properly there.. but other stuff like Hyoka is absolutely wonderful as you can also find voice actor interviews, OAD/OVA, etc

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              @prinzw: Agree, Bilibili is way better than youtube and much cheaper to cover all kind of animes.

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    One of those rare cases where we VPN to China rather than out !

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      huge demand, so many legally contents available only in mainland China.

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        …and much more expensive for a reliable one.

  • Will someone kindly write up instructions on how to claim this for tomorrow? I don’t really know how to use a vpn

    • Hello i am from ubisoft tech support, please feel free to post your account and credit details for assistance ;)

      • Your shoe size is also required. Tank you.

        • Yea and while you're at it, you could benefit from credit card details as well :)

    • loaded up the uplay app, was there on the home screen straight away with large enough banner to say get this game now.

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    Disappointed. I thought they secretly made an Assassin Creed: China.

    "Quick! Poison the wantons!!!"

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    yeah it worked without a vpn

  • Also worked for me without VPN or the Ubisoft app.

    I simply clicked the link using my browser, logged into Ubisoft and got the message: "Your free PC copy of Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China has been successfully added to your Ubisoft Connect PC game library."

  • Same no VPN is needed.

  • Nice.

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    it's been so long since I've used Uplay that I didn't even know it has been renamed to Ubisoft Connect.

    Uplay sounded better.

  • Just saw this pop-up on my Uplay game launcher just now. I've been wanting to try on of these spin-off games!
    On a side note in case anyone's interested; Ubisoft are having a Lunar Sale with an extra 15% off when using the code: LUNAR15

  • Oh apparently I already got it. Thought maybe I had one of the other Chronicles games.

  • Free China you say

    • Free Tibet?

      • free willy

  • Thanks OP didn't know you can just grab it off browser

  • Cheers!

  • So it says I have it now. Thanks.
    How do I see it in my account. Struggling to confirm it is there? Thanks in advance.