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Roasted Cashews 750gm $9.50 @ Woolworths


Roasted or Salted Cashews 750gm $9.50 @ Woolworths

May contain traces of nuts

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    This is how cashews grow: https://specialtyproduce.com/sppics/16666.png Fascinating.

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      Yep always thought cashews were legumes…. They're just seeds!

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      Yikes… this can not be unseen. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

      • I know, right. Now you too must spread the curse.

    • Did you know that cashews come from the fruit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzKFbUxYJys

    • I thought you were trolling, wtf.

      • wtf.

        world tennis federation ?

        • Nah, Nandos Wednesday, Thursday, Friday deals.

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      That is absolutely true and i have roasted them from scratch back home in Goa - This is a portugal speciality.

    • Do you know these seeds on top of the fruit are also good to get rid of snakes from near a house but there is a procedure to do that!!!!

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        Mama Mia the fruit is also really good to eat, i have had so many in my days and its good to make alcohol too. Look for feni!!!. Unfortunately its only available in Goa - the land of cashew drinks.

        • Yep goes well with Goan fish curry

  • May contain traces of nuts

    Possibly because they are packed in the same factory where they package other nut products…

  • Pretty sure the promotion was on last weekend. We bought it.

  • Anyone noticed a quality drop in these lately?
    We go through a lot of cashews and these and also and Coles all seem to have dropped quality. Maybe it's recent harvests unsure.

    • Agreed, at least in WW, IGA and Aldi - never tried Coles.

      the best cashews we've had for the past couple of years have been from Costco - more expensive at $25 for 1.13Kg but the difference is worth it. Sometimes on special at $20 which helps the cost comparison.

      • Yep, we've stopped buying cashews from Woolies. Aldi have never let us down.

      • Should ad ALDI also. They all are likely supplies from same or similar sources.

      • Costco ones are big and perfect looking but I find them less tasty than Woolworths ones or ones from the market.

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    I wish they'd bring back the Australian cashews… I haven't seen them at Woolies for years.

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    Tip: Buy the ALDI Raw Cashews and place them on a baking tray in the oven for 12-14mins @ 170-180C (ovens differ so watch to make sure they don’t burn).

    Fresh roasted are so much better that pre-roasted cashews IMO.

    • Soaked in salty water first if suits you. Will take longer time to cook.

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    My dog loves these - she only gets them when on special though!

    • My dog loves these

      Make sure you don't give them and macadamias

      • yep - I researched before giving them - probably not too good to give older dogs either but mine is young and burns millions of calories.

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    Thx op

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    ALDI special buys had natural (unroasted and unsalted) cashews a few weeks ago - cheaper than WW and also healthier.

  • Coles have 800g one on sale for $10 from time to time depending on the stores.

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