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Free Experian Credit Score & Credit Report @ ClearScore


With a few credit card deals starting to reappear I thought it might be worth reposting a credit score/report deal. It's always a good idea to check your report every so often to ensure the information is correct + I would also suggest checking your score on getcreditscore (Equifax score) and credit simple (illion score) as depending on the lender it may vary which score/report they look at.

Also, to ensure you don't get spammed just go into your account settings and you can unsubscribe yourself from emails. Thankfully clearscore don't require a mobile number for signup.

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    A reminder that credit scores differ depending on who you ask - and for the purposes of lendors, they will look at your actual report (i.e. RHI, opened/closed accounts, defaults) and not whatever "score" there is.

    • just checked, theres a section on my open and closed credit cards

      its got the closed date on cards, guess i can add 18 months on and figure out when i can apply for AMEX again

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    Thx op. Just realised they have an app: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/clearscore-credit-score/id1056...

    thank god as I've been logging into Credit Savvy on a desktop for years. Seems to be same info it but cleaner.

    • I've been logging into Credit Savvy on a desktop for years.

      You don't have to log into Credit Savvy to know if your score has changed. That information is in the title of the email they send every month:

      "Your credit score has changed" - is what they send when your score has changed. You will have to log in to see which way, and by how much.

      "Your credit score update is here", or anything else - your score hasn't changed.

      Also, when your credit score does change, they don't wait for the next monthly email, it appears they send it immediately.

      • i've unsubscribed from most of Savvy's emails - i got so much spam from them. probably why i don't get their score update emails

        • If you use Gmail, you can set a filter to automatically bin all of their emails, except the ones you want.

          I only get one email a month from them, except when my score changed, and I've been with them for a couple of years. How much were you getting?

  • Aren't there a bunch of providers offering this service for free in exchange for your data?

  • Is there any service that shows all three credit scors in one place?

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      Wisrcredit does experian and equifax I don't think there's any that cover all three in one

      • I'd be wary of Wisrcredit. I tried signing up, but it wouldn't accept my Yahoo email address. So I contacted them on their "contact us" page, and they asked me to send, by EMAIL, my full name, DOB, addresses and driver's license details.

        Way to go, ask for enough information for identity theft, and ask for it to be sent by a totally insecure method. I pointed this out, and they were clueless. I declined to send them my information, they're too careless with it.

        P.S. for anyone who doesn't know, email is less secure than writing information on a postcard and sending it. It can be secure, if both the sending and receiving email server implement security, but there's no simple way to know if the receiver has set up security. Without security, email is sent as plain text, through dozens of computers, and any one of those computers can skim your information. And email gets regularly redirected through third-word countries, by "accidental" misconfiguration of the internet's BGP routers, usually the misconfiguration is done by totalitarian governments.

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    does it impact on credit score to check it regularly ?

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      No, it doesn't affect your credit to check with these sites

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    NAB used to provide this to customers for free but have dissolved that division.

    I wanted to compare my NAB score with ClearScore so went onto their website. I was not happy that I had to provide my DOB and licence number as part of the account creation process. I would only give that information up after creating an account and confirming via email and then doing some research as to what they are going to do with my information. I chose not to continue.

    • Yep - made me stop and think. And not bother.

  • https://www.wisrcredit.com.au/

    eqiufax/experian in one go


    for the other agency

  • Clearscore app is pretty good. I used it to monitor my experian file and get it fixed up.

  • OP, it isn't obvious what we are signing up for.

    Is it like Credit Savvy, who send you an email every month, saying whether you score has changed or not?

    Is it like GetCreditScore, who send you a monthly reminder, but you have to log in to see if anything has changed?

    Or is it a once-off service?

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      It's like getcreditscore where you need to login to check but is updated monthly and they have an app making it easier to login. I was just recommending the three providers that allow you to check your score across all three credit bureaus.