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Swann 8 Channel 5MP Super HD 2TB DVR with 6x Heat & Motion Sensing + Night Vision Cameras $399 + Shipping (Was $899.95) @ Kogan


On the market for some home security cameras and came across this pack. Seems like a decent deal but can't comment on its quality.

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  • I have had them for few months and they are solid. App is good with the playback and stuff. Works with google. Overall good product.

  • More detail and reviews here > https://www.swann.com/au/swdvk-849804b2d

  • Much better than Duckk security cameras. They're certainly not all they're quacked up to be.

  • does it need to plugged into ethernet to view remotely or can you connect it via wifi ?

  • I can't believe they are still selling analogue cameras in 2021!

    (converted to digital in the DVR box, but the cameras are totally analogue.)

    I know it still works well, and convenient for those wanting to upgrade an old system without replacing the cabling.
    But who'd have thought?

    • I know, but 6x5MP+DVR w/2TB for $399.
      Just the HDD by itself makes up 20% of that price!

  • I don't suppose there is a web interface on this DVR? (that does not rely on Flash!)
    Having to use their apps can be very limiting at times.

  • I put a Swann system into my business 16 years ago, it was replaced when it died after 12 years. It was replaced with a $189 system that had 4 BNC cameras but an upgrade to HD(not full HD). The quality is good enough to identify people in 'embarrassing mistakes of property appropriation' (which it has had to do on a few occassions).

    Several months ago I acquired a deal on one of the 5MP Reolink systems with POE but have not had it installed due to the requirement by our Insurance company to have it installed by a qualified electrician. I am seriously considering buying this and selling the Reolink system as I can install this one by just pulling through the current cables. So the Reolink system is going to cost several hundred dollars more to install - after costing twice this system to buy..

    I have seen many people review Swann stuff poorly but I have never had any issue. The app runs on pc, android and apple all fine. I have the current box attached to a wireless extender with an RJ45 port so it communicates to my router and then out to the big world.

    The only issue I have with this deal is Fkn Kogan - I hate them…

  • I have an old analogue CCTV system by KGuard. Can I use the existing old BNC cables?