OPPO FIND X2 PRO Real World Reviews

Hello there looking at upgrading my current Oppo RENO 5g and looking very keenly at the newest Monster, iPhone and Samsung killer.

OPPO FIND X2 PRO 512gb 5G with 12gb ram 120hz plus more.

I would like to know if anybody here has one of them and I would like their hands on review good or bad.

Thanking you kindly.


  • Coming from a S8 - I got one last year on that JB HiFi Telstra $65 plan for $55 with a $500 gift card. Been absolutely awesome. Hardware has been top notch with amazing pics and what seems like endless storage.

    Have a search for the deals as there's probably 100+ comments on this phone.

    My only critique after using it for 8+ months was that the Android/Oppo update that dropped before Christmas (probably a little early) was buggy for me as the "Q1 Ultra Vision Engine" made Instagram green and the FB Messenger UI was misplaced off-screen. There's been other security updates (almost each month) and I think it's been resolved since then but I just leave it disabled so it's not a biggie at all.

  • The hardware is good but I do miss the volume switch of the OnePlus 5t. I would prefer a flat screen to a curved screen but I can live with it. the software has a few niggles. I would like to have the clock in the notification area display seconds as per the OnePlus. the screen colour changes hue from white to a pale yellow cast when reading sometimes but I think that's a setting I haven't worked out yet & hopefully not a fault. also when closing all apps it won't close the last app used unless you've backed out of that app first. the smart assistant is a bit of a waste of space. nothing there of interest to me. Google assistant is noticeably slow to load. other than these few niggles I'm happy with the phone.