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30% off Gaming Chairs - Champion CPF $291.87, Knight KTA $251.97 & More + Delivery ($0 Sydney Pickup) @ Ewin Racing


As part of Afterpay's Support Small Campaign we are 30% off storewide this weekend.

Use code SUPPORTSMALL at checkout to activate, chairs from only $251.97 :)

Items are IN STOCK and ready to ship from our Sydney warehouse.

Shoot us a message if you have any questions!

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  • Damn, i just bought the Onex ge300 from officeworks for $289

  • Same pleather chairs as everyone else.
    Same terrible posture support.

    • What chair do you recommend?

      • An ergonomic office chair. If i was in the market id go for a steelcase of some variety (starts around 800). Yes theyre more expensive, but they last a lot longer and wont give you back problems. Its the same with a bed. Youre not going to buy a box spring, so why do the same for youre chair which youre probably spending the same amount of time on.
        Theres cheaper chairs around 300-400 too, especially when going second hand but im not up to date with current offerings.

        • i bought the ge300 because it has good rep here but i don't like it, my shoulders just doesn't feel right. My old chair the bathurst gaming chair is more comfortable, or maybe I'm just not used to it yet?

          • @Homr: Not too farmiliar with the ge300, personally i wouldnt be shopping at officeworks for a chair. I do know the barthurst racing chair however (owned one and know it to be a bit of a meme). Wasnt a huge fan, became flat very quicky and broke within the year iirc.

            With most ergonomic furniture theres a few things that need to be balanced.
            1. Not every chair will suit everybody (height and weight differences, longer torse etc)
            2. They often feel a lot less comfortable as theyre focused on correcting posture, and conversly stuff like gaming chairs tend to encourange slouching.
            3. It often requires fine tuning to the individual.

            I think its best to go to an office furniture shop or a place that just sells chairs and try it in store for a while. Perhaps take a laptop and do some work while sitting in the chair, or order from a place with a good return policy.

            Edit: worth noting officeworks advertise the ge300 as a gaming chair, make of that what you will.

  • Are there any that are fabric weave?
    It feels like there's a missing piece of the market at the moment for a gaming chair that isn't out that can undercut the secret labs omega.

    • Not at this time in our range but we're working on getting it produced! All products currently PVC or PU leather :)

  • What was the price before?it looks like just the same rrp