Any Recommendations for High Index Lens with Transitions?

I bought a pair of frame last year, and am looking to get glasses made this year. I'm in Melbourne but can also look at online too. I'm looking to get lens in high index 1.67 or higher plus transitions made, but the big chains I've asked so far are rediculously expensive, and it seems like there's some changes to private health where they used to cover most or all of the costs of getting the lenses, now it's just lenses and not the extra coatings, transitions etc.

Does anyone have any recommendations of good places to get them made? The profit margins seem to be insane, especially small no-chain stores which have been the worst.



    Get a whole new frames/glasses combo from visiondirect or similar.

    Their high index lenses are crazy cheap compared to physical stores in Australia.

    You can also claim on private health with some online overseas stores. Who is your insurer?

    Get an eye check locally and ask for the script. Measure your pd and your good to go online glasses shopping.


      how is the quality of the frame for you?


        Was for another family member and they chose rayban so quality was as expected.


          fair enough. can you ask the family member what lens' they got and how they like them? seems to be a "deluxe" option on the site..


            @HasibA: Thanks, the biggest unknown was how the frames fit on my face. I tend to buy the frames in store as I need to see how it'll turn out.