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Acronis True Image Home 2012 Family Pack AU $72.70 Inc Free "Plus Pack" Add-on


Price includes 3 home licenses with 3 add-on licenses (single licenses also on sale). Website says it would normally be $273.43 if bought separately with the Plus Pack.

Product info from website:
"Acronis gives you flexible, user-friendly ways to back up your data on a regular basis. So if disaster strikes, you get it back quickly. It not only recovers all your data but, thanks to full-image backups, it can put everything back exactly where it was. That means all the same files in the same folders. The same applications and Operating System. The same icons and shortcuts. All your precious photos and videos. All your important work. Everything back to normal like it never happened!"

Acronis Plus Pack - FREE extra:
"Includes: ability to restore files, applications and an operating system to different hardware (for example, to a brand new PC).Also included support for Dynamic Disks and Microsoft® Windows Preinstallation Environments (WinPE)"

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  • -5

    Why pay when you can get free in other ways?

    • Where from?

      People with WD or Seagate drives can get a free version but it would be a dumb down version.

  • +1

    It's a good program. It can make a complete image of your disks, full and incremental backups, can backup to network drives, and tons more options. Any discount makes it a good deal by me.

  • Would like to pay $25 for a single license instead $72 for three.
    Hate these bulk buy type sales.
    Plus for the price, good for ppl actually need three licenses.

    • Yeah it would be nice if they did a single license for $25. I got a bit lucky in that regard as I needed a copy for PC, laptop and netbook so the 3pack worked out well.

  • +1

    Why did everyone negative my comment? Fine if everyone wants to waste their money paying for something they can get for free, go right ahead.

    • +1

      People probably assumed you meant pirate… I use the free WD version and am happy with it.

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