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[NSW] Foldable Cubby Country Playhouse 98x91x115cm $20 (Was $99) in-Store @ Bunnings (Heatherbrae)


Unsure if this is local or not, but might be worth a call as they had a big stack of them at Heatherbrae Bunnings, just near the outdoor/garden checkout. (Thanks to booga-b for Bunning's product page.)

Receipt with $20 price

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    Time for me to talk to HomestartSA about a Graduate Loan and look for some cheap small block of land. First Home Grant perhaps…

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    State in Title (NSW).

    Meanwhile the hotel system isn't working in VIC.

    For $20 a pop, these look like they'd do for returned traveller quarantine.

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      Fixed, ta. I can just barely fit in there with my daughter so it's doable

    • Air-Conditioned Returned Traveller Quarantine*
      *(No AirCon, Windows that open).

    • Dont worry, AU's version of FEMA camp is on the pipeline. Queenlands already done some and some in propose …

      • Damn, how does one get into Property Investing when you get muscled out by LNP donors.

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          Lib-Lab-Green-Brown they are the same to me. They talk 'love & care' with their mouth and destroy life without their action.

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    Can I negative gear on this? The depreciation would be high on a new build…until Labour comes into power.

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      How many Solar Panel will fit on the Roof?

  • $99 in Vic

    • None in my 5km radius anyway

  • Add a battery and solar panel for off grid lifestyle.

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    Seems like it's store specific like the last Philips Hue lightstrip was.

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    Apparently every store has different clearance after calling few bunnings in NSW… amazon delivery boxes are staying till I get this for $20

  • Was price mark on clearance yellow paper? Or receipt please.

    • The price on the receipt is in the OP

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    Can anyone confirm if any stores around Brisbane have this for $20

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    Still $99 at Joondalup at 8am

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    That invoice looks massive!

  • The way the invoice was folded though, nice work OP;)

  • Is this valid in NSW?

  • Picked up one Friday for $50 with a water damaged box.
    Thought that was a good deal at the time.

  • Can anyone comment on how well this fares if left outdoors, in thr backyard..?

  • Plenty in NSW for $99

  • While looking online, i set the location as "Heatherbrae" as per OP's location and it still shows $99, strange

    • Try ringing?

    • It’s in-store only I guess, most bunnings stores have those unique discount items.

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    $99 at Rydalmere NSW 2116. I asked in store.

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    $99(regular price) @ Eastgardens NSW

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    Showing as 99 online?

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      Yeah $99 online price, this expired? :(

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        online price has always been $99, OP found this special price in-store

  • can confirm this is $99 at underwood, QLD

  • it doesn't seem any other store is selling at $20

  • Is there any chance if you are able to post the photo of the top bit of the receipt as well? I'm going to try to show the receipt to the our local Bunnings Store to see if they can price match it for $20 ; ) Thank you~~

  • I checked my local Bunnings in Marion SA yesterday & they were def priced $99 on the shelf. I was a tiny bit disappointed as I had already pictured in my head my granbabies face when giving it to her. Oh well. You win some you lose some. Good score for you OP :)

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