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P2 Respirator Masks - Buy 5 Packs, Get The 6th Pack Free (60 Pcs for $50) + Delivery (Free with $50+ Spend) @ RespaGuard


While Promotional Stocks Last. We are bringing back our buy 5 packs, get the 6th pack free promo for a limited time while promotional stocks last. Please note, unlike previous promotions, this one is limited to 1 per customer.

When checking out please check you added the full quantity, for example, 6 packs, and at the checkout, it will come up as 5 packs + 1 free. However, if you accidentally checked out with 5 instead of 6, we will manually amend the order on our end and send out the free packs with your order.

RespaGuard's respirator masks are exceptionally one of the highest grade P2 respirator masks in the country, achieving particle filtration efficiency of 99%. Head to our about us page to read more.

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  • Any tips on getting these to fit better? I can’t get them to seal to my face.

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      The best I could do is to bend the metal strip to the contour of your nose. While wearing it push the strip back either side of your nose.
      Good luck.

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      Hi MrsJones,

      Similar to what @SpendMore had said, when you place the mask on your face, it's best to run both fingers down the metal strip pushing it against your nose so it contours to your face. You might need to do this about three times to get a proper contour :)

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    These are the most comfortable masks for me. Bought them previously.

    Here is plenty of room in the front so that it doesn't feel like you're eating the mask.

    The grey colour is interesting though. Wonder if there is white or black?

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      Hi @Turd,

      Thank you for the positive feedback, we're glad you loved them :) the grey colour you see is caused by one of the 5 layers of the fabrics. It's called Activated Carbon Filter, it's great for filtering out some low-level chemicals, odours and smokes. Even though it adds an element of uniqueness to it, it actually does more in keeping you safe :)

      You don't normally see them that often in masks unless they come with a premium price given the fabric can be quite expensive, however, we prefer to use it given it enhances the quality and adds an extra layer of protection.

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    I can vouch for RespaGuard's after sales customer support and assistance which was excellent.
    They seem to be a company that really does care about it's product and reputation.

    • Hi Global Nomad,

      Thank you very much for the feedback, it brings us a lot of joy knowing we made your experience with us great and we hope to continue to do so :)

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    Highly recommend the mask and the customer service. Excellent

    • Hi bghunter,

      Thank you very much for the kind feedback, we are glad that you liked our masks ane we were able to make your experience with us great, and we hope to continue to do so in future as well :)

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    I have sent an email regarding the marking on the P2 mask and it been 5 days with no reply.

    I couldn't find any required marking on the mask. From it states "Products sold as P2 respirators protection relates to the Standard AS/NZS 1716:2012. The Standard requires the following markings on the mask or the filter. It is important to ensure that the correct respirator markings are clearly displayed before purchasing. Required markings comprise:The manufacturer's name, trade name or mark and theThe filter classification (e.g. P1 or P2)"

    Where is your required marking on the mask to classify as a P2 Mask?

    Thank you

    • Hi LC1,

      Thank you for your email, i have fowarded your email to our operations manager, i am aware all the correct markings are placed on the packaging but will get a clarification on the one you raised in your email. I have also sent you a follpw up email to your email :)

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        Thanks for the reply.

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