This was posted 8 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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51% off First Meal Box @ Pepperleaf (Limited to First 25 Customers, Delivery in Selected Metro Areas)


Fresh meal kits delivered to your door! All made with high-quality ingredients.

Please note: The link above instantly applies the 51% off


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For a limited time, referrer gets $40 credit and referee gets $40 off 1st order.

Normal rate: Referrer gets $20 credit. Referee gets $20 off 1st order.

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  • Thanks OP, gonna give it a try

  • Hope you can expand to Perth one day!

    • As long as they don't charge $20 delivery fees like some of their competitors. We get charged double the rest of Australia, yet the food still comes out of a commercial kitchen here in Perth.

      I told HelloFresh where to go when they asked me to stay with them after I got a discounted box. YouFoodz charges the same double delivery fee for Perth metro.

  • Thanks! Keen to try

  • Just placed an order to see how they go.

  • +2

    Is there any way to actually view the recipe details before buying? I'm trying to determine if any of their veggie recipes are vegan or veganisable. The FAQ section is honestly pretty useless about whether they can cater to different dietary requirements. I'm not sure if they're like Marley Spoon where half their stuff is vegan.

  • any different to their competitors…..? eg marley spoon or hello fresh?
    Ive used hello fresh and think they are good HOWEVER i always try to buy the recipe that would likely cost me the most to buy EG fish (esp salmon), beef or lamb - NEVER vegetarian!

  • 2 people Max? No family options?

  • There’s family options, scroll down.

    I just purchased to give it ago. Thanks Op

  • -1

    can you cancel after you order?

  • Mine didn't apply the discount

    • The invoice says it doesn’t include the discount, but I was only charged the discounted price.

  • Did anyone get theirs delivered? My tracking says on hold. Was supposed to arrive last night 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Same here. Supposed to have got mine this morning before 7am.
      No one answers the phone either.

      • +3

        Yeah I'm disappointed. I will be asking for a refund and cancelling my sub. Honestly, it's just not something I want to worry about on a Sunday, and it's supposed to be a service that removes stress, not adds to it.

        • Exactly. I'm going to be pissed if I have to go buy groceries today.

          • @FSTB: They told me it will arrive on Monday. I will see what happens.

            • @Zacsik: My arrived this morning (was due Saturday) as I was leaving the house, no knock on the door just a damaged box out the front. The sauce from 2 of the meals has split and covered all the vegies in sauce and by the looks of it they have been marinating in it for a couple of days. Most of the box went straight in the bin. The freezer pack with the meat might well have not been in there it was barely cold. The free welcome fruit came out looking like a puree.
              I'll be requesting a refund to say the least.

          • @FSTB: You will have to, even if you do receive it. Im fuming because I could have gone yesterday. I don’t have time now that my week has started.

            • @chakel: Yeah my meat was also average at best and not that cold. Hopefully will be okay. I threw out some of the fruit - glad it was 50% off, will not be buying again. Fortunately mine was a 1 person 4 meal box so not too much to throw away.

              Edit: They have said they will give me a refund.

              • @Zacsik: Mine was 5 x 2, such a waste.
                I did get an email saying they would refund (haven’t seen it yet) and that they would include an extra meal next time.
                I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be paying full price next time if this happened the first time.
                Not exactly an incentive.

  • Mine arrived. But i’m so disappointed.
    The freezer pack was completely thawed.
    I work nights (from home) and heard it get dropped off. So i was opening it at 4am.
    The fruit was disgusting, it was all mush in the bag, so much bruised and old fruit. It was like being given the rotten ones from the supermarket. I would have preferred zero complimentary fruit. It’s just going to take up space in my bin.
    Since the everything wasn’t cold. I dunno about the meat. I’d be scared to eat it.