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LEGO 42123 Technic Mclaren Senna GTR Racing Sports Car $71 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheapest on amazon according 3 camel, https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B08G4293BD

Probably the cheapest overall too.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Who are they price matching?



      Amazon do free shipping so it's really $10 cheaper.


        Wow! i thought toysrus went under, today i learned.

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          Oh they did, Hobby Warehouse bought the name and basically use it as a second storefront

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    Good in-depth review here

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      Thanks for posting the review!

      Bought first and thought later. The set has too many stickers - not a fan. I've cancelled the order and I'll put it towards the Chiron maybe.

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        The Chiron is a weapon. I pull my down every now and then to marvel at the amount of hours Lego must have spent designing it.

        But the thing is huge. During assembly I was thinking that the engine and gearbox were so big that there was no way it could fit into the chassis, but it works and works so well. It really is an awesome set to built.

        But its not without fault.
        The springs can't support the weight. Push the front down and it never pop's back up.
        No HoG.
        The gearbox has 8 forward and 8 reverse gears.
        The gearbox has so much slack that you need to push it for a 1m before it starts to rotate the pistons (in certain situations)
        In some low gears there is too much tension that the clutch keeps slipping and you can almost feel the teeth on the gears so close to snapping off.
        The paddle shifter hasn't got that positive feel. Sometimes it clicks other times it feels sloppy. You really need to just smack it into gear.

        For that reason playability is low, but OMG, its great to look at and so amazing Lego were able to design something with so much features that work.

        The Sián has redesigned suspension, fixing some faults, but some gearbox gremlins remain. I'll get my own copy once Lego fix the colour consistency issue.


          +++ for being an adult and playing with Lego!

          I am currently building the Sián and have been lucky (so far) with the colour consistencies. I'm really looking forward to getting the Chiron and placing it next to the Sián.

          I think Lego avoided the HoG steering to steer (heh) away from ruining the design of the car. For example, the HoG in the Defender is quite subtle and adds to the ruggedness IMO.

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        $71 Vs $600…hmmmm

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    This stickers will crack and peel off over time

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    Is the steering column reinforced?

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    Reading the thread wouldn't all the Sticker Whingers be better off doing model ships or planes or whatever and painting them ?

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      They too have decals


      If you like Technic then it's a concern. If you don't like Technic, then you don't buy these, and well… you won't get it .


    My son loves stickers. He's 6. I figure by the time he gets bored of stickers… He will have probably moved on from Lego.


    Looks all gone at that price.