[Travel Ideas] Regional Travel Voucher Scheme

Hi All,

Seeing as some of us managed to get the Regional Travel Voucher Scheme voucher, was wondering where you guys are planning to go with it. Are there any package promotions out there that we can book?

Any travel ideas with the family would be much appreciated.


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Victorian Government
Victorian Government


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    What's the point if your state premier is going to call snap lockdowns with less than half a day's warning!

    And not just any old lockdown but the most restrictive limiting lockdown with everything but the 8pm curfew!

    • One can only look forward to a holiday D:

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      I mean, during the 6 day south aus lockdown in November, they couldn’t even go out for a walk… a bit worse than melb right now…

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          Sure, but they still went into it expecting 6, and you know, regardless of duration, they couldn’t leave their house for a walk.

          I’d rather 5 days and be able to go for a walk than 3 days and not.

          • @jjjaar:

            I’d rather 5 days and be able to go for a walk than 3 days and not.

            I’d say 3 days is better as it would impact people less financially and people are still able to walk around and exercise in their home anyway.

          • @jjjaar: We went in expecting 6 weeks and got like 14

            would rather 6 days

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        during the 6 day south aus lockdown
        a bit worse than melb right now…

        That was only 6 days though…

        Dan won't even say what his criteria are to end the lock down here.
        Last I heard, he was trying to get his powers extended until 15th Dec. to avoid parliament having any say in what he does.

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    Fwiw I went to Adelaide from the Gold Coast for 4 days, 2 days in Qld panicked on the 5 cases in s.a. Locked its borders the night I flew back, one day later I’d have been f’d. Bloke next to me on flight paid 1800 dollars to fly back,

    I’m staying put completely too many on the spot decisions made to take the risk,

    • This is the point. Well paid premiers are making decisions that lose ordinary people large sums of their money and cause incredible stress.

      Protecting residents is one thing. But not compensating those injured by snap decisions is completely another.

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        The decisions that the state premiers are making are apparently made at the recommendations of the relative Health departments, regardless if those decisions are to impose a 'lock down' or not to.

        Surely, in the current situation, and particularly where the country is not close to vaccinating the majority of the population, the decision by individuals to undertake leisure travel is at their own risk.
        I've been through it, and have changed plans a couple of times, and was lucky not to lose $$, but I have 'credit' at a couple of accommodation providers pending a return to some semblance of normality.

  • Keep Melbourne's covid out of regional areas

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      Regional people can also travel the region's - less chance of of the handful of people within a population of several million with Covid spreading it to the region's right?

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