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Segway Ninebot E8 (Pink) Kids Electric Scooter $348.42 Delivered @ Amazon AU



EDIT: it has increased from $348.42 to $387. Nuts to that.

Stumbled on this deal whist looking around the internets for a deal for a Ninebot Max, this might be of interest for a few people out there that want to get their kids a e-scoot.

Only the pink version is at this price, the blue version is still 387. Most places sell this scooter RRP for 499.

Details of the product below, do your due diligence in regards of legality in your state.

(Side Note: camelcamelcamel showed this product to go as low as 297.74 recently)


Brand: Segway Ninebot
Type: Folding Electric Scooter
Model: E8
Color: Pink
Payload: 20-50kg
Recommended Age: 8-14 years (please take your local laws into consideration)
Height: 115-145cm
Nominal Voltage: 21.6 VDC
Battery Capacity: 2550mAh/55.08Wh
Motor Max. Power: 200W
Maximum Speed: 14km/h
Max Range: 10km (Actual range varies)
IP Rating: IPX4
Climbing Slope: 7%
Frame Material: Aluminum-alloy
Riding Modes: Turbo Mode, Cruise Mode, and Safe Mode
Tyres: 7-inch Front and 6-inch Rear Rubber tire
Braking Method: Regenerative brake + hand-operated brake + foot brake
Charging time: 4 hours
Weight & Size
Product Weight: 8.0 kg
Package Weight: 10.3 kg
Product Dimensions(L x W x H): 83 x 33.5 x 85cm (unfolded), 87.5 x 33.5 x 32cm (folded)
Package Dimensions(L x W x H): 78 x 19.3 x 34.5cm

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    I bought my 8yo son the blue version of this for Christmas. For anyone considering the E8, these have been my pro and con observations over the last 2 months:
    - strong aluminium frame that takes a beating,
    - excellent overall build quality,
    - solid tyres but still somewhat soft (so no punctures) - the brakes work well too, not perfect but serviceable,
    - front suspension is not perfect but does work and does the job,
    - reasonable battery range (10km) - I wish this was longer (maybe 15km) but it's rare that we go on a trip with our kids longer than 10km - and on one long ride the scooter was still going after about 11km,
    - battery wall charger is small and portable,
    - decent motor performance and torque, especially up hills,
    - the fold down mechanism feels solid, and
    - it seems to be fairing well with the harsh treatment of my son.

    - the top speed is a good balance for young kids, but you'll find that at times it feels too slow (my son can go faster on his push scooters on a straight section),
    - the scooter is probably slightly too heavy for my sons age (he can lift it up stairs but it is awkward),
    - my son finds it very hard to fold down (the mechanism is tight and requires quite a bit of force), and
    - charging seems to take several hours.

    Overall we paid $300 and we think it's been a great e-scooter which should last a reasonably long time. (though if you're unsure of colour, the blue is a very light blue and would probably be suitable for boys or girls). If I could have purchased the E10 for around $350-400 I would probably have grabbed that one instead of the E8 as it goes slightly faster and is slightly larger in all dimensions.


    looking around the internets for a deal for a Ninebot Max

    Did you find one?


      Not really, PCByte has it for 999, JB has it for 999 as well but with a free bag. I was hoping for something similar to jb's 799 deal but that seems to only happen once a year. You can get refurbed ones for 899 on segway au's ebay store but thats a gamble.


        I tried to get a better deal from JB at 2 different stores. Neither would budge on the $999 price. I got one anyway and it was definitely worth it.



      You can use the PAPY10 code and it brings it down to 953, have to use afterpay tho.