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[PS5, Pre Order] Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart $98 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Go dimension-hopping with Ratchet and Clank as they take on an evil emperor from another reality. Jump between action-packed worlds, and beyond at mind-blowing speeds – complete with dazzling visuals and an insane arsenal – as the intergalactic adventurers blast onto the PS5™ console.

This item will be released on June 11, 2021.

$125 at EB. $109 at JB

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +32

    New game pricing is officialy bs

    • -3

      not really. it's taken years to see any inflation to base game pricing imo

      • +8
        • +3

          Australia has always been gouged way more and in fact I remember through 2006-2007 new releases on PS3 were $120 at EB games and it they only started lowering it 2008 or so onwards due to JB.

          • @flooressence: Agree with gouging back in the ps3 era.
            Australia isn’t getting gouged in this era. $100 adjusted for currency exchange rates, it’s pretty much on the money.

        • +1

          I think my salary forgot the memo…

    • +5

      Can confirm it's also unofficially BS. Ergo, total BS.

    • +17

      Don't buy it until the price drops , protest with your wallet.

      • -1

        That's like telling people not to buy off scalpers and yet they still bloody do it. I'm looking at people who play FiFa… 😳

      • +1

        That’s what I’m doing. I got my ps5 console on day 1 but haven’t purchased a single ps5 game yet. I’m not supporting this absurd price hike. If this game was released on ps4 or switch i believe i can get it for around $65 at launch. A ps5 sticker alone suddenly makes it ~$40 more expensive.

  • +13

    eh, 4 months away. happy to gamble that itll be cheaper closer to launch.

    • Probably not. Demon's Souls had the same base price ($125) and launched cheapest at JB and Amazon for $109.

      • 4 months, care to wager? say, a copy of the game? ;)

        • I'll wager you ;)

        • Nah, too rich for my blood.

      • I’d happily bet money that it will go lower before launch.

    • With RRP being $125 since Sony increased their games by USD10.

      How can people expecting this to decrease more than $98??

      • I bought Demon's Souls for $79 preorder price. It's possible someone will do it for R&C.

        • Me too, with gorilla gaming, but that was a one time only.

          I would love to see R&C around $79. But the $69-79 pre-order prices for Sony games seems to be gone.

          • @kazuyamishima: I believe 89 will become the standard discounted release price for games eventually. Like how 69 was common for tons of games at the halfway point through gen 8. Also we haven't had THAT many opportunities for deals. Only been a few months so far. Better deals might come around in the future. Depends whether they try to emulate Nintendo pricing. Doubt they will though. Lastly prices are always highest right when a console launches.

  • +1

    What’s the first purpose made game for PS5 that’s been released so far?

    • demon's souls, miles morales, a few others

      • Miles Morales is on PS4. I'd say Demon's Souls, Astro, Destruction All Stars are only the real purpose built PS5 games. Sackboy and Miles can be played on PS4.

      • +2

        Mile Morales barely is a PS5 game tbh

        Honestly only Demon Souls gives you that new generation feel. Technology at a point where to take advantage of the new tech you need to invest big money

        • i actually agree with you, so maybe just Demon's Souls and Astros?

  • +3

    Holy crap - i just saw $98 bucks as a special and clicked the link. When have games ever been that high? I must be getting old… new console pricing I guess

  • +2

    I want this game but not paying more than $70, happy to wait, plenty of other games to play.

  • +2

    With the price of games, I'm thinking it'd be cheaper to run a shared account with someone and buy everything on psn

    • Except Sony has the worst refund policy out there. It's still cheaper to buy two copies and trade them in at a later date.

      • -1

        …That has nothing to do with what they are saying.

        • How does my comparison between buying physical copies vs digital ones not have anything to do with the OPs idea of running a shared account and buying digital copies?

          It works out cheaper to buy two physical copies and trade them in later, than to run a shared account and split the costs with two people (the max accounts you can share with).
          Additionally, PlayStation has a terrible refund policy so you may get stuck with games you don't enjoy.

          • @Broos: You know you've just described people buying their own copies?

            1 physical per person is just…the normal way to buy things. "Later" is also defined as when the physical still have near RRP value, if you hold too long and retail is significantly cheaper than your purchase price, you lose, especially for trade-in, where value takes a nose dive much quicker than market value.

            So you're basically renting the physical copy and need to finish it in a set time.

  • +1

    Same price at Harvey Norman which might also help those that receive their Amazon orders on the Monday after the initial release weekend.

  • Sweet! Grabbed one as really looking forward to this.

    • +1

      Preorder, getcha preorders… almost out the oven. It’s gonna be great… just you wait.

      • +2

        Pay $0 today and cancel up till dispatch day or two before release. You do lock-in lowest price too. Can even return for free on delivery. What's to lose?

        • +3

          Nothing at all… just $98. If you must play it day one, by all means. But you’re on OzBargain, don’t you already have a backlog of 30 games that you bought for less than $20 over the years that you haven’t even touched yet?

          • +6

            @DisabledUser214631: Indeed, as we all do, but every so often there's a must-get game for people regardless of cost. For most in the PS5 era it's been Demon's Souls which wasn't my thing. However, this, Kena, next God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil Village, Far Cry 6 are instant buys regardless of cost.

            The hours of entertainment you get out of them is worth the value to me. For most other games happy to get them cheaper later on.

  • +2

    $49 by October.

  • What happens if you preorder it now and it's available cheaper elsewhere before launch? Will Amazon match it?

    • +3

      If the price decreases at Amazon, you always pay the lowest value throughout your pre-order.

      If the price increases at Amazon, you always pay the lowest value since your pre-order.

      If you find a better price elsewhere, Amazon may match or if not, you can cancel anytime till it's dispatched.

      If you don't cancel in time and change your mind/find cheaper elsewhere and it's dispatched, simply return for free.

      You also pay absolutely nothing now till it's dispatched in June. Nothing to lose really.

      • Sounds good to me, thanks.

  • +1

    Digital version on US store works out to be cheaper for standard version and ~$4 more for deluxe.

  • Adding to the people that I am very excited for this game (as someone who has played all of them, even the PSP ones) but I aint paying that. Will wait for the price drop as we saw with MM and others…..

  • +6

    I'm an old man, I bought choplifter on the master system for 100 bucks back in the day. Nothing new here.

  • -2

    People surprised games have finally gone up in cost despite somehow being immune to inflation (more or less) for 20+ years (and development costs increases in conjunction).


    Heck, even PS1 games were stickered at $119.95 RRP and that's 25 years ago. Adjusting for inflation would make a PS1 game $208.32.

    I get this is OzBargain, but reality has to sink in at some point, surely?

  • I just wait till they patched most of the bugs or release a 60fps mode with ray tracing months after release.

  • I got ps5 spider man ultimate for $89 and idk if I like it.

  • Seems oos already.

  • Man I’m hoping this is a 15-20 hour experience with a high difficulty option.

  • +1

    I miss the old styling of Ratchet

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