Lastpass Restricting Free Users to 1 Device Type

Just opened up the Lastpass app and got this notification: Starting March 16, 2021, LastPass Free will only include access on unlimited devices of one type.
Basically you will be able to use it on mobile OR pc, but not both. Multiple mobiles or multiple pcs is fine, but not cross platform.

Lastpass has been a good free password manager for years now, but this seems like it kills the free version for personal use. And it's hard to ignore that there are plenty of alternatives these days.
What do you all think are some good alternatives that people should be looking at, free or paid?
And what do other Lastpass users think of this? Would you start paying, or keep using it on just your phone/pc? Or switch to something else?

Personally, I think I'll get around to trying an old unused 1Password deal, or maybe go straight for the ever popular Bitwarden. I've paid for Lastpass in the past, and I don't mind paying again given the use I've got from it, but seems like there's not much to lose by trying something else for a while.

Poll Options

  • 4
    Lastpass free
  • 9
    Lastpass premium
  • 114
    Other free (eg Bitwarden)
  • 13
    Other paid (eg 1Password/Dashlane/Bitwarden paid)
  • 6
    Whatever thing is already in my phone (Apple Keychain/the Google one)
  • 3
    Personal security management (eg Keepass/memorized ciphers/written down and kept in a safe)
  • 2
    What's a password manager? (eg stickynotes/password123/mothers maiden name)

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  • This is a deal-breaker. Might as well give Bitwarden a go.

  • Had Bitwarden installed for years but never used. This is the push I long needed!

  • Well, this is the inspiration needed to try bitwarden (or other alternatives people might suggest)

  • I already pay as I use additional multifactor authentication. Well worth the $0.15 per day it works out to IMO.

    • 0.15 > 0

    • I already pay as I use additional multifactor authentication. Well worth the $0.15 per day it works out to IMO.

      Multifactor authentication is free with LastPass.

      • Only a couple of basic types, nothing I use.

        • Only a couple of basic types, nothing I use.

          Totally incorrect. 6 out of 8 types of MFA options are available in the free version for personal accounts, and the premium account only offers yubikey and fingerprint authentication in addition. Far from a couple of basic types.

  • I used the bitwarden free tier for years with zero complaints.

    The ability to have all my TOTPs in one place and available everywhere, makes the paid tier well worth it.

  • Thanks for letting me know! Will have to start migrating soon

  • Yuck that's degusting behavior. I had 3 years of premium via Humble Bundle and then didn't renew because I didn't see any reason to.

    Time to switch.

  • This in not gonna to be a popular opinion but if you decide to stay, do a US VPN to pay USD pricing with a no international fee card. $3 USD = $4.5 AUD is disgusting!

    Or buy it from here probably

    • The humble bundle is $46 a year whereas LastPass is offering it for $27. What am I missing?

      Edit: the $27 may be usd but that’s still $35ish

  • It’s a strange shift in model. Guessing they think enough time has passed since their breach that they don’t need to offer it for free any more. Suspect it’s not going to go well for them.

  • Yeah thats a killer for me. I wouldn't mind paying either, infact i was thinking about it recently depending on what I get out of it. My brother uses it also so was going to check out a family plan or similar.

    But Laspass has been weird for me recently, buggy almost, sometimes constantly asking me to re-login in, then when I do on one I have to again on another. And I started using bitwarden at work and while its not as flashy, it works sooooo well and has been so easy to deal with. The mixture of both kind of makes me want to move.

  • Bitwarden #1

  • will re-install bitwarden and using it ! last time wanted to try but had problem with importing all the lastpass vault to bitwarden hopefully okay now.
    far out this is same as evernote with device restriction

    • Any good guides on how to migrate LastPass vault? Or is it pretty self explanatory?

      Edit: just saw your comment below. Will be giving that a go today. Thanks

    • last time wanted to try but had problem with importing all the lastpass vault to bitwarden hopefully okay now.

      I just made the switch, went very smoothly.

  • I have been using Bitwarden for a while now.

    I did pay for Lastpass for several years, but when the price jumped significantly, that was me out. I will probably pay for Bitwarden just because I find it useful, although I don’t know that gives me much extra.

  • I have LastPass Premium, and have done so for years, but it feels like it's getting flakey.
    I reviewed my options last year before renewing, settled on Dashlane as the best feature set competitor, and trialled it for a few weeks.
    Absolutely hated it!
    This time around I'll be trying out Bitwarden (it was a close third in my feature comparison and I know it's continually getting better) and Roboform following a solid review by a Youtuber I follow.

    Decreasing the feature set for free users seems like they're shooting themselves in the foot.

  • I've used Lastpass Free for years and I love it. I tried Premium when they offered it free to students, but the free version had everything I needed.

    I'm seriously considering paying for it. At current Mastercard rates it works out to just under $35 per year, 9.5 cents per day.
    Not bad when you consider that it's been free this whole time.

    I'll check out Bitwarden though, thanks for the tip.

  • Bitwarden is reporting a flood of new users today. They're throwing some serious shade, saying they will always be free.

    • well technically lastpass is still 'free'. Just limited to device type.

      For those been using it for a long time, it use to be this way. Free on computers, but the mobile was 'pay' option at ~$1/month.

      • I used to pay until they made certain features free. I wouldn't mind $1 a month, but at the current prices, I'll try something else out before I do.

        • Agreed. I was happy to pay $1/m USD for the mobile access and used to for many years until Lastpass made everything 'free' and I wasn't getting any extra value in paying so stopped.

          Now its $4.50/ AUD, sorry that is a joke. Nope. I'll look at other options now.

      • Still technically free, but it's crippleware now

  • Anything logmein touches turns to crap!

    I use to pay for lastpass, then they got greedy and ramped up the price, so dropped back to the 'free' version.

    If I have to pay, I'll pay. But I will be reviewing and testing out other options like Bitwarden.

  • Anyone transferred from LastPass to Bitwarden recently? How difficult is the export/import process?

      • Thanks, bookmarked. Figure there'll be a lot of that today.

      • Thanks ChiMot

      • Doesn't export the notes though. I use it to keep track of my belong mobile accounts.

        • Very odd, mine exported my notes when I did it just then. Followed the export instructions as on the article, so don't think I did anything "special" or otherwise.

          • @beeawwb: Limited to 1000 characters. Copy and paste larger notes (>1000 characters) manually, delete spreadsheet rows containing notes >1000 characters, then import.

        • My apologies it appears not to based on the instructions at the linked url. Maybe it was simplified.

          Glad to be corrected.

    • Did this 5 minutes ago - painless. Just remember to securely delete the downloaded csv :)

    • have a try and post back here. long time ago i had issue with the file is not recognised by bitwarden but someone suggested to just ctrl+V of the actual data of lastpass instead of importing the file

      • Just did it. Took 5 mins and couldn't be easier. Thanks again for posting the link with steps 👍

        FYI - the export from LastPass was seemless and had no special character conversions (a warning about this is in the instructions but it didn't happen to me) and the .csv file was recognised by Bitwarden and imported no problems.

        • For anyone out there reading this and you did the Lastpass export to .csv; then import to Bitwarden… check your Bitwarden account for any usernames that were long numeric usernames because in mine they all converted to "5.03E+02" style.

          For example, my Flybuys usernames imported into Bitwarden as "6.08E+02" and I had to go and manually change them to the full numeric number in Bitwarden. Only happened with Flybuys and Myer One. Just do a search in Bitwarden vault for "E+" and those affected would be filtered

    • Just did it 10 minutes ago, everything went very smooth and all done in a couple minutes.

  • Based on peoples experience, what is the best option for family sharing? Looks like for 2 person share Bitwarden is the best option based on pricing alone. Others start to get quite expensive. Am I missing anything?

    • Bitwarden Free: x2 users (1 free share)

    • Bitwarden Family Plan: $40 USD annually up to x6 users

    • 1Pass Family Plan: $60 USD annually up to x5 users

    • Lastpass Free: (x1 free share per password & limited to 1 platform)

    • Lastpass Family Plan: $72 USD up to x6 users

  • Looks like Lastpass site is having issues :) mass exodus pending!

    This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

    HTTP ERROR 500

  • Interesting that everyone is bailing from LP. Not sure how much I trust a free service.

    That said, I got an email in December from LP asking me to update my payment details when my payment isn't due until August. Seems a bit pushy to me.

  • I got the email this morning, but could have sworn I had bought a lifetime LP Premium (or similar) pass about 2.5 years ago.

    Does anyone recall a promotion they might have had like that? Perhaps through Humble Bundle or similar?

    I can't see anything searching on here, so thinking it is possible it was only a 12 month premium pass and they downgraded me when it finished and I never noticed the difference.

  • I've used LastPass premium for years, switched over to BitWarden during lockdown as their pricing kept going up. Functionally it's identical (can auto fill on browser, Android and iPhone, generate passwords, prompt to save passwords).

  • for people from lastpass and using their own authenticator, if you now move to bitwarden are you still using the same autheenticator or change to other?
    maybe authy is a good option?

    • Authy has been really reliable for me. I’ve always maintained a seperate Authenticator app. IMO this system works better than keeping everything in one app. Currently using Authy + LastPass, but after tonight it’ll be Authy + BitWarden. :)

      • This is the setup I’m going for 👍🏻

      • I do exactly this too. I figure the point of a TOTP is that it's not stored with your password, so use authy synced between several devices (to prevent lockout and for convenience).

    • I used to have LastPass + Google Authenticator. But retreiving backups was painful and I'd have to individually add each account again.

      So a few years ago I switched to LastPass + LastPass Authenticator. It was OK and suited my needs of backup etc. In hindsight probably a dumb idea having both under the same umbrella

      Now that I've switched to Bitwarden, I have decided to switch to Authy Authenticator (ultimately the same product as LastPass Authenticator) but because I wanted to permanently delete my LastPass account I didn't know how that would affect LastPass Authenticator - so better just to switch authenticators now too. Bitwarden recommended Authy and it gets good reviews and it seems OK so far

  • Just went through Bitwarden setup (import/export). Very easy and the 2 seem to be very similar in the way they function.

  • I'm still using mSecure and it works great.

  • Back to text file 🤣

  • Anyone know if Authy push notifications work on iphone 7?

  • I have just signed up with Bitwarden and exporting/ importing all my details from Lastpass was a breeze. I will keep Lastpass for now while I get used to Bitwarden. I do prefer the Lastpass interface but maybe that is just because I am used to it.

  • Like many others here it seems I've been using lastpass for several years, but I think the time has come to move on. I've been playing around with Bitwarden for the last 12 months or so, and functionally it's very close to LastPass.

    The three features missing for me are:
    - the note templates. BW only has credit cards + plain notes. LP has lots of templates.
    - the emergency access. This exists but it's a premium feature for BW.
    - Sharing of accounts. As above. Exists but premium only.

    None of these are deal breakers, so I'll probably switch.

  • Wondering if you could have two accounts. One for mobile and one for desktop and then Fully share the passwords between them?

  • Have followed the export/import instructions to a tee and getting “Data is not formatted correctly” errors. Anyone else seeing this? Edit: nvm

    • got the same thing last time, someone said you can just copy the lastpass data and paste it on the bitwarden screen (the same place where you can upload file). i havent tried that though.

    • My password data worked fine, when i tried to do the Form Fills part however i couldnt get it to work and got that error.

      The transfer to Bit Warden seems to have copied everything across anyway?

  • 6 family accounts for $6/mo…

  • so i follow this instead and working fine i can export then import the password . all good! no error at all

    then the website said something about formfill so i exported it too.
    when about to import into bitwarden, bitwarden said data is not formatted correctly… hmmmm
    i try to open the file but looks empty.
    anyone use formfill ? what is this ?

    edit: looks like i never use this function in lastpass so it should be empty. and yes now i know what it is. maybe should start using it with bitwarden

    • I exported the formfills separately too, but didn't import it. Seems to fill user names and passwords ok without it, there's an option in bitwarden settings to automatically fill the fields (marked as experimental though) rather than having to select the site on the bitwarden extension that seems to work like lastpass did, so dont see what the separate formfills export would add?

      • yeah i just tried to follow that instruction but looks good now i will ignore that step

    • Form Fill populates your Name, Street Address, Email and Phone Number

  • slightly out of topic. can we export all the codes from lastpass authenticator to authy ?

    • Nope 🙁. Manually, one by one. The codes generated are different because of the new seeds given. So at every website where you've selected 2FA you have to go and disable that and then re-enable 2FA and prompts for new seed which you add in Authy. I only had ~20 websites but it was still painful

      • Any readon for Authy against Microsoft Authenticator hate to have 10 different authenticator on my phone?

        • Here's a comparison: I don't use Microsoft Authenticator so can't comment, though it says no backups for Android devices. That's exactly the reason no-one should be using Google Authenticator so if Microsoft is the same then avoid it.

          You only need one authenticator on your phone. They all do the same thing. Choose one and stick with it 👍