Multiple Suncorp Benefits Gift Cards?

Apologies if it's been asked, I searched through a handful of threads and couldn't find the exact answer I was looking for. Also asked Suncorp live chat but they couldn't give me an definite answer.

When purchasing multiple quantities Suncorp Benefit Gift Cards, ie: Ordering 10x Microsoft or TGG gift cards, does this send through 10 individual gift cards or 1 gift card with the balance of 10?

Thanks folks

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  • There are limit of $$$ you can purchase for one retailer, the value can be within range of $50-$500 each card.

    eg: JBhifi - only $1k per month and 5k per year.
    you can purchase 2 x $500 or 10 x $100, as long as the amount is within limit.

    hope this helps.

    • Thanks for the reply here, much appreciated.

      So just confirming, besides the limit, you get the amount of gift cards that's in the quantity selected, as opposed to the total. Just worried TGG won't accept 10x Gift Cards :D

      • i paid Jbhifi with multiple gift cards with nil issues.
        Scanned and put the PIN in.

        • There are limits to how many gift cards you can use at some stores, their POS systems just don't allow more than a certain amount and staff generally won't know what this limit is unless they've run into it before.

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