Ovo Energy. Anyone use them for Electricity?

See Shopback offers a $80 cashback for these guys and check out their rates and they are quite competitive for my distributor(compared to Simply Energy). Question is, has anyone used them? I have never heard of them. They use a fix direct debit system for bill smoothing. I spoke to a rep yesterday and you can adjust that amount after a month or so. But im curious to know if anyone has used them and if they have had any issues with this form of billing.

Thanks in advance.

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OVO Energy
OVO Energy


  • I'm with them atm. No issues. I have so far come under $45 per month bill and any amount I don't get charged for is added as a credit to my account and used for next month's bill.
    Was the cheapest provider when I looked before in NSW 67c daily supply rate and 22c kWh.

    Another deal is Refer a friend - If you refer someone to OVO, you’ll each get $75 credit applied over 12 months. Remember we're mates, right mate?!

    • Messaged you to get your ref code :)

      • I've since moved companies as I use more electricity now.

      • Just to clarify for everyone, I found out that Ovo Energy no longer operates a referral system. No referral codes.

  • If anybody has a ref code, pm me :)

  • first in, best dressed

  • I am after a referral code also if anyone is a customer of them!

  • I use them since Sept’21 and I’m very happy with them. They have a slightly higher feed in tariff. I got the 100% renewable option and its the same $$ per kWh than what I was paying before without renewables.
    Anyone needing a referral code please pm me.

  • Very happy with them. Shout out for a referral code. Thanks

  • They seem good for me, also second cheapest in my area.

    Also if anyone wants a $75 bonus referral code, message me!

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