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[NSW] Connor Closing Sale E.g. 3 Business Shirts for $50 in Store @ Connor (Carlingford)


Goodbye Carlingford! Connor at Carlingford Court, Carlingford NSW is closing in about 4 weeks and they are having a closing sale. The sign says nothing over $20 and you can get 3 shirts for $50. T-shirts for $10. Some exclusions like suit jackets and pants.

Lots of selection when I visited this morning. The lady at the counter said there were still boxes of stock to be unpacked and more stock was expected. Seemed strange for a store that is closing but no complaints, the wider the selection the better if you are looking for new clothes at a lower price.

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  • Why are the closing?

    • no one ever go to the top level

      • laziness then?

        • the bottom level is all food and grocery always full of people, but the top level is totally different, very quiet, the binglee side is a little bit better I would go there for EB and chinese grocery sometimes, but the target side is the worst (where the connor is). Very deserted.

  • Clothes at this place don't last too long.

  • NGL i used to like Connor, but their stuff is really poor quality and the slim fit shirts are really just standard fit. Pants would fall apart after 6 months, hems failing, buttons popping off, cinos would last a few washes before hardening and ripping.

    Literally even Kmart and Target do a much better job.

    Places that i thought were worse (YD, Tarocash etc.) actually have better quality everything

    The winter jackets (some made of wool) when they're discounted down to $50 can be good but everything else i'd avoid.

    Over in Perth DFO the Shirts are 3 for $50 all day every day.

  • Their business clothes fit like socks on a rooster

  • I’m sick of buying clothes that basically just shrink away with each wash, need business style stuff soon, what do people recommend that’s easy to buy and try on in person

    • Sometimes you gotta try a few to find your match so to speak. I struggled for a while and found that Uniqlo had the nicest fits for me and the quality seems alright. It’s nice knowing that I can walk into any store around the world and pick out a shirt or pants without trying them on and knowing they will fit. Also helps when online shopping during sales etc.

    • Tm lewin

    • I bought some Egyptian cotton shirts recently from CK. I think they were $23 each from Birkenhead Point. You can try your luck if you are in Sydney

  • YD, Connor, tarocash are part of the same group if I'm not mistaken.

  • I've had a pair of their cropped pants for about 5 years now and they're going well. Minor fade to the colouring which is apparently cool now? Also another pair of chinos which are just fine.

    • How many times have you washed themz and do you only use cold water when you wash your clothes?

      • Good question. I don't wash my trousers every time I wear them so either wash them when its been really hot, or I get food or stains on them. So who knows, maybe a few dozen times. I always use cold water. Hot water is completely unnecessary and less energy efficient etc.

      • Just don't soak them or they fade