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[Backorder] Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless Black $179.14 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Have been in the market for headphones and decided to save a little dosh and go with these instead of the Astro A50s.

This price is the cheapest in a while and close to the cheapest ever?

Not currently in stock and shipping ETA is Mid March.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Anyone backordered on Amazon before? Is it easy to cancel before they ship?

    3xcamel is showing AUD$157.89 as historic low.

    Also, shame only the black's on sale.

    • Yes you can pretty much cancel until about a day before they ship and it’s really easy. They usually ship earlier than expected though from experience.

      Was even cheaper $151.96 on Nov 23, 2018 but that was a while back

      Once you go black…

    • More often than not they've shipped earlier than the target date. Makes it harder to plan a "cancel by" date…

      Returns are quite easy though and at no penalty to you. I've even gone down the path of ordering multiple headsets to see which one I'd like to keep and checked with support, they had no problem at all said basically its up to me to decide what to keep and what to return - no questions or reasons required. So basically even if you pick it up for 184 and it ships the day before it goes 157, you can put a return request in and purch at 157 - or simple call up to support and theyll likely also offer a partial refund…

  • I think this is a good price and pretty much an all time low for the last year I believe. I got these for about $5 more in Jan and they delivered faster than the shipping estimate provided by Amazon. Been using them for about 4 weeks now and they have been great paired with PS5 and PC.

    • How are these with the ps5?

      My wired sennheisers are terrible in fortnite on my ps5. Surround sound is so bad it works better to have them in stereo plugged into the controller

      • I don't play multiplayer (yet) so I can't really comment on that. However, surround sound is great in games I've played such as Spiderman, Ghost of Tsushima, Control and a few others (e.g. you can hear which direction the archer is calling out from).

        How did you plug in wired headphones to PS5 directly? I believe 3d audio is only available through USB or 3.5mm jack through controller on PS5 for now.

        • Just plug the USB part that comes with the headset into the PlayStation.

          They have their own surround sound you can turn off and on but off it on it just sounds like someone is right next to you no matter where they are.

  • Far out. Still waiting for the 7x to be back in stock but they will cost close to 300. I think the 7s will be compatible with the new consoles so it's a good deal.

    • These will only be compatible with PS5. The XSX is proprietary wireless, so if you're wanting the 7x for an xbox these will not work.

      Edit:- Unless you plug it in using 3.5mm cable to the controller.

      • Thanks. I dont plan to get an XSX but was eyeing off the 7x due to it's compatability.

  • I paid 208 at jb last year great headset well worth the price

  • I got these for around the $150 mark last year and they are by far the best set I've ever used.

  • price dropped a little more today, $179.14