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Free Registration and Access to Club 1 Hotels Wholesale Travel Club


Free access to wholesale travel rates from Club 1 Hotels.

Club 1 Hotels offers true-wholesale hotel rates that are up to 60% at over 1.5 million hotels and resorts worldwide that are not available to the public. Also, you'll get special rates on vacation homes, car rentals, activities, flights, and more. Plus, when you register today you'll earn 2% back in points with every booking that may be used towards future bookings.

-> No credit card required to register
-> Please note: Club 1 Hotels is a US-based company and all rates shown in USD and charged in USD with taxes and recovery fees added at checkout
-> When doing rate comparisons please use the rate at checkout with taxes and fees and not the search-results rates as the search results rates shown are an average rate of all the room-types and will later be upgraded to display the lowest rate available

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  • I don't see the deal.
    Post some examples showing 60% off rates

    • Hi Jessie, there are rate samples on the bottom of the landing page vs Expedia, Agoda, Hotels.com, and Booking.com that we're shopped on 01/27/2021 (https://club1hotels.com/register/). You will also find our greatest savings primarily in the 4 and 5-star hotel category with refundable room types.

      Plus, you can save an additional 5% Off your first hotel booking, with coupon code "NM5" at checkoutšŸ‘

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        Given International Airline Travel is limited, if you can post some rate samples that are in Australia that would probably assist.

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          That's a great point. I will have our team start working to update the landing page with the local rates. Thanks.

  • Thanks.

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    my feedback - I've compared like 7-8 random hotels in bkk. There are a few hotels on your list that indicate on average about 25-30% cheaper price, but once you come to the actuall payment, taxes and fees are added and the difference is more like 10%. However, it seems that this only applies to several properties at the beginning of your list. When I scrolled down the prices became on par with agoda/bookings/hotels.com. Therefore one's perception might be that instead of this big 'wholesale' thing you are yet another player who offeres on average 10% entry discount on some properties in order to get into a market with big estabilished brands.. definitely not as bombastic as the headlines & examples you picked :)

    edit: uses USD :)

    • Hi Stefanko,

      We offer a variety of savings from 10-60% off and you'll find our greatest savings in 4- & 5-star hotels with refundable rooms in major cities. Our 3- and 3.5-star hotels in secondary markets offer less savings but it's still a saving plus you'll earn 2% back in ClubONE points to use towards a future booking. Also, if you search a city during a major event we'll most likely have inventory when other sites don't have them.

      Finally, you can save an additional 5% Off your first hotel booking, with coupon code "NM5" at checkoutšŸ‘


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    I was skeptical, but Point Hacks has some good things to say - https://www.pointhacks.com.au/club1-hotels/

    • That article concluded:-

      The results do confirm that Club 1 Hotels offers the best comparable rate in our searches, although not by a huge margin. In our limited sample size, the savings ranged from $8 to $31 a night.

      Alternatively, you could potentially find slightly better outcomes by seeking out discount codes, using Hotels.com Rewards for 10% back in value, or other tactics like CashRewards cashback.

      I'll stick to using discount codes.

  • Does the deal expiry date indicate free registration will expire at that time, or free access will expire?

    • This Free access will not expire, the expiration date is for OzBargin listing and the 5% discount code at checkout "NM5"

  • I agree as above, once all the taxes and fees are added its seem to be quite average.
    As this is an Australian website can you post some examples here, Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane of your disounts compared to the big players?