S21 Ultra - Faulty.. Whole story

Hi guys,

I pre-order s21 ultra 256gb through Samsung education site (1559 or something like that) and it was delivered on 22/01, yes, one week before the release date. When I started to set up my new phone, I started to face some issues with lagging and frezzing but I continued playing with besides all the lag, I thought that could be just something simple that a few reboots would fix it. I tried that a few times and didn't worked then I went to Samsung store (George St Sydney) but they told me that was a new phone and that was normal and I should wait for a few updates. Then I went there again on 27 and 28/01 to complaint more. On 28/01 they stayed with my phone until next day to provide a report. I was called to go to the shop on Friday 29 because my phone really had a problem and they could not fix it. So, a replace would be required. On 3/2 they sent me a label to sent the phone back to them to be replaced and since then, I'm waiting. Since then, a lot of miscommunication from Samsung side. Last Monday (15/02) they told me that they were just waiting for star track to pick up my phone and delivered it to me. But today they said that they are checking availability. On 17/02 I raised my matter (complaint) to ACCC.

Am I crazy to be angry to wait more than a month to solve a case of a brand new phone that came with a problem from the factory??

Any ideas on what else I could do?


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    • Could be.. But every time they say something different.. I'm not sure if covid has these kind of effects… But anyway, thanks for reading and your answer..

    • i had the same issue. i call them everytime they tell me a different story. 1. out of stock while they are selling them everywhere. 2. someone is looking at it. but no response for 2 weeks. 3. i need to contact someone else. someone else asks me to contact someone else. 4. it is being prepared. being prepared for another 2 weeks.

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    IMHO It should have been replaced as DOA at the Samsung store.

    Make a formal complaint to Samsung. Have a read of the https://www.samsung.com/au/australian-consumer-law/ page to see if helps.

    • Thanks buddy!! I'll do it.. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Yeah, if it's a major flaw definitely should've refunded or sounds like they're replacing one for you. Although a 4 week turnaround for a replacement (given it's online) i feel would be acceptable.

    • Yes, if they were more clear and honest.. Would be OK!!

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    Call the Samsung Australia number and ask to speak to the VOC.

    They might help but agree with the above. Should have been DOA, not have been told to wait for an update on a brand new phone.

    • Cheers buddy! I'll definitely try that!!

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    Sounds like you’ve spoken to the wrong people at Samsung.

    Call back, ask for the supervisor and find out where your replacement is. Better still go to the store and ask for a new one.

    With COVID and it being a new device, 4 weeks isn’t over the top but they should be able to better.

  • Yes. I'll try the store.. The supervisor.. God.. I found the chief of Samsung costumer support at LinkedIn.. I'll give a try as well.

    • Hi buddy,
      i had the exact same issue for my s21 ultra. i gave my phone to them on 10th Feb and i still heard nothing. it is being 5 weeks now. did the issue get solved?

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