American Express Explorer Travel Credit Hack?

I currently have a $400 travel credit on my AMEX card due to expire in the next few weeks.

Does anyone know a hack to transfer it in to a gift card or similar?

Unfortunately, I have no intentions to travel in the next 12 months and have used other credits on a holiday recently.


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    This was produced in 2020. Does that help?

  • they now have low cost airlines too like jetstar i noticed. unforunately you can't maybe ask your friends/family if you can pay for them etc

  • Could try this:

    • Sell the credit for cash on ozb classifieds. Probably only get 60% of facevalue
    • Book something with a flexible cancellation policy. Amex has been good about refunding travel credits with extended expiry, if you cancel.
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      I had booked flights using the credit, cancelled due to COVID and got a full cash refund.

      • Which airline?

    • You can’t sell Travel Credit in the Classifieds. Only buyers can seek Travel Credit in the hopes of finding someone selling

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    Could always use it for a hotel stay somewhere close to you. Not very exiting, but at lest you get something out of it.

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    Alternatively, can you just live chat Amex Travel and see if they'll just extend it out of goodwill?

    • This… I couldn't use my $400 last year, and when I renewed my Amex in October I got a new $400 travel, but they extended the previous one. Fortunately, I was able to book a domestic trip and use both vouchers (had to use one for the hotel and the other for flight tickets as it was not possible to add $800 discount at the same time).

      Try the chat… If they don't extend, you ask them to cancel your credit card so you are not charged the new annual fee for another travel credit that you might not be able to use in the next 12 months.

      • I tried in the chat and hit a stone wall.

        Maybe something has changed btw october and feb?

  • Wasn't there a thread lately about someone who sold their points/credit and got absolutely screwed by both the airline and the card?

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      Yes, the buyer called in and Amex caught whiff of it and said broke t&c. Think he had to pay $400

    • True. But that seemed to have been an unlucky case - the buyer played it badly, leaving him and the seller out of pocket. FWIW I've sold countless Amex credits and had no problems. YMMV.

    • Yep - thats me! Very annoying.

      TO make matters worse, ive just noticed that my yearly fee has just come out and i didnt use my travel credit for last year (covid and all) and now when i log in, it just shows the new travel credit… :(

  • I had travel credit expiring too. Booked a qantas domestic flight 9 months away and cancelled the card. Amex notified me of a time change, I called them and asked what the options were and they provided a refund for the flight as the card was closed.

  • Book one of the international Qantas flights in October. They'll get cancelled and you'll get an option for a refund.

    • I can see that not everyone is as optimistic as Alan Joyce… LOL

      I'd love to travel to Europe in October, but I also think it's unrealistic…

  • Hey Team, old thread but looking for some experience in those who have used this card offer in the past

    Looking at how quickly can I use the $400 travel credit/even how to use it.

    Does the below mean that I won't receive a credit until the first statement cycle has occurred and been paid?
    And by "receiving" the credit, how does this occur? Is it a voucher? Or is it cashback on the transaction once processed, or will it simply appear in the Amex travel portal once I'm logged in?

    "To redeem the Travel Credit, the Card Member must have paid the annual fee and have paid the minimum payment on the Card Member’s first and most recent American Express Explorer™ Credit Card statement by the due date. The minimum amount is calculated as set out in the Financial Table."

  • Just use it for a hotel

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