Google TV Chromecast vs Fire Stick

Heya !!

I plan to buy a Chrome TV or Firestick to stream Apple TV and have a better interface.

Apple TV seems to be expensive for no reason, and I have google hub and home set up already, so preference is more for Google TV.

Does anyone know if I can screen mirror my iPhone with Google TV? With Firestick, it seems to be possible after looking at a few YouTube videos.

Can someone please confirm if I will be able to cast with Google TV? And any suggestions out of these three devices.



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    Go Chromecast with Google TV if you just want to stream stuff. Go nVidia Shield if you want to do more (native emulation, game streaming, etc).

    • No gaming mate, only TV. My current Samsung TV does not support Apple TV, hence planning to buy a device.

      Are you able to screen mirror iPhone to google TV?

      • Can you not just plug Apple TV into one of the HDMI ports?

        • Apple TV for $200-250 doesn’t seems to be worth it, when compared with google tv

          • @b0nd: Well the trade off is google hoovering up everything you do with the device. I have an android TV and my pi-hole blocks a ton of outgoing connections (900 blocked today - mostly to, google analytics, samba tv (even though it is disabled), google ad services etc).

            So consider that the google device is subsidised by selling your usage data.

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              So consider that the google device is subsidised by selling your usage data.


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              @lunchbox99: Oh no. They're gonna find out that I watch teenage fantasy garbage on netflix.

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                @muckingfuppet: Always this argument. If you don't care about your privacy then fine, but I think most people have no idea the level of data collected and the aggregation of data that google and others engage in (and I say this as a google and android user).

                When was the last time you went to google and looked at your collected data?

                Also services like samba TV fingerprint the screen content and data match to work out what you're doing (using a console, watching FTA tv, have your PC plugged in etc). The data also includes probing of your local network and the number and type of devices it locates (phones, cameras, tvs, smart lights, PCs, consoles etc).

                There are even reports that devices use BT and ultrasonic beacons to determine if seemingly unlinked devices (such as those not owned by the same user) are in close proximity to each other.

                I get that some people don't care (and to a point I also don't care), but I think it's mostly due to their ignorance of what data is being collected.

          • @b0nd: Look on Gumtree for a second hand one $50-$100

  • I don’t use the Apple TV app although it's just recently available for Google TV. However I use it for everything else Netflix, Plex, Amazon TV and I can’t fault it. Lots of options if you want to expand its functionality by adding USB Hub if you want to plug in USB Keys/Web cam / controllers/ Keyboards etc. I have not screen mirrored anything but can cast anything from my phone just like a normal chromecast. For $99 retail I don’t think you can go wrong. If your a power user perhaps a Nvidia Shield may give you more options/power at 3 times the price however.

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    Had a 4k firesticks and the app store is garbage. Chrome cast is so much. If you can afford it grab a NVIDIA shield you won't regret it

    • Does shield (not pro) tv support Apple TV app?
      Google TV does

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        If Google tv does either shield tv will

  • I had a fire tv stick and returned it and got a google tv chromecast. The Firestick was laggy and wouldn't turn on after it went to sleep unless I unplugged and plugged it back in.

    • I like my fire TV, but I got mine with a $30 Alexa 'puck', so they talk to each other.
      I also have a Pendoo P95 as it is faster, and I can install more apps on it

  • I have both on an old Sony TV outside. The Chromecast is the older non-remote unit.
    The firestick lite seems easy to use, though I still can't get it to stream from certain sites, despite having a VPN installed on it.
    Our Samsung 65 TV has Apple TV, but we don't use it.
    We have a 2nd Samsung TV 55, and have an Apple TV connected. Again not used. The Xbox or what is on the TV is what is used for media playing, streaming etc

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