Why Have All Computer Parts Gone up?

looking for computer to build for my friend but all old video card the price is still expensive similar to the latest one


  • The manufacturers are not making low end video cards because they are not profitable.

    Miners buy everything else.

    • Nvidia are actually starting to make some older models again to help with supply issues. I don't know how this helps with supply issues of new models but whatever.

      Currently RTX2060 and GTX 1050 Ti are available again (a 1050ti is a great alternative to a 3070 right?) and I've heard even a refreshed version of the GT 710 (might've been 720 or 730 but really, who cares) is coming.

  • My RTX 580 has somehow gone up in value since I first bought it. Right about now is when I usually upgrade, and I would except the obvious upgrades aren't even in stock even if I wanted to pay $1,000.

  • its so ridiculous, all out of stock as well

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    1. Crypto currency at a high at the moment, so miners are buying all the graphics cards(some even paying double) to mine Ethereum.

    2. Due to covid-19 and everyone staying at home, more people are buying graphics card to play games.

    3. One main supplier(TSMC) is making silicon chips for all the major brands- Apple, Nvidia, AMD and Qualcomm.

    This is from all the news I've been reading, take it with a grain of salt.

    • Point 3 is not correct:
      TSMC doesn't supply chips for Nvidia. They're getting theirs from Samsung Foundry at the moment. However the 8nm Samsung is only similar to the 10-12nm TSMC, so its not great quality but its cheaper and Nvidia thought they would do well with it on the RTX-3000 lineup. Samsung struggled, and now demand overwhelms supply. So a big L. Nvidia gets few TSMC 7nm chips for their niche cards.

      Qualcomm is also using Samsung. It's the 5nm node, which is only similar to the 7nm TSMC. Again supply issues, however, since the demand for over AUD$800 phones have plunged they're managing it better. Apple is the biggest player that's still seeing good demand, and they paid a premium in securing their chips (5nm TSMC) so they're not suffering as much.

      The biggest loser here is AMD. Their entire business is losing out on good money due to supply issues, in a time when demand is high up. Their latest CPUs are actually price-increased and less value than Intel overall, yet the demand is there, and they cannot take advantage of it. And their latest GPUs are finally competitive with Nvidia on equal footing, again, at a time when demand is though the roof. Their cards were being scalped and put on eBay with +30% price, and now some consumers are regretting NOT buying those scalped cards… since few are left and those are like +90% price or something.

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  • I understand your post is mainly regarding video cards but that's pretty much where it ends.

    The remaining computer parts such as Ram, SSD, Fans etc. have not really changed much, there is some sought after CPUs that cost more than RRP due to scarcity.

  • The good news is monitors are cheap

    • So build a whole system, just without the CPU, GPU, and PSU ??

      And I mean the WHOLE system!
      The chair, the desk, the riser, the monitors, the speakers, mic, headset, keyboard, mouse, gamepad, the case, motherboard, RAM, SSD, HDD, usb hub, cable management, and the wall RGB lighting.

  • so many knobs trying to sell their 5 year old gpus for $500+ thinking they've got gold up their ass.