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PureVPN - 5 Years for US$44.55 (~A$56.61, 93% off)


Good deal for good VPN provider.

Enter code 'savebig' on PureVPN's secret deal page:


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  • Any reviews on this?

  • This compare with Windscribe?

  • I originally had a PureVPN 2 year plan, when it finished I then bought a 5 year plan, the same as this one.
    It has 10 multi logins, which means you can share it with family members, friends, hot lovers, or partners.
    It has a Chrome or Firefox extension which means one browser can be connected to PureVPN while the other browser remains in Australia, it can be very handy. The Android and Windows app is intuitive and simple to understand. You just select the country or city that you want to be in then click "connect", that simple.
    In my 5+ years I've been with PureVPN I've only ever had one issue. Surprisingly the issue was when I went to Indonesia and tried to connect to Australia via VPN. PureVPN detected I was in a different country and blocked my account and said I needed to contact them due to abnormal login activity. I sent them a very angry email explaining I did not ask for this security feature and please fix it quickly as I didn't want to spend my holidays calling PureVPN and answering security questions to unblock my account. Next day it was working again. Internet speeds are acceptable, login access is really quick. I've never had any other issue with them and I will gladly pay for another PureVPN 5 year plan if the price is right.

  • I'd the Stack Social PureVPN lifetime offer. You'd just need to renew with each 5-year term.
    Mine has expired and several email and twits and they say I'm on their update list - that's like over a month.

    How difficult is it for them the login as admin and update my expiry to 2026?

    Looking elsewhere.

    • They actually reneged on the lifetime.
      Stack social gave me a different VPN service provider lifetime.

      I think some people got their money back from Stack social.

      • This is exactly what i'm going through at the moment, my 'lifetime' purevpn via stacksocial expired last month. Many emails later i've been referred from purevpn to stacksocial and they have tried to offer me keepsolid unlimited VPN which according to reviews is a very budget and crappy VPN (although stacksocial tried selling it to me as a 'award winning' vpn…). Trying to get a full refund now as we speak…

        My experiences with PureVPN (With no experience of other vpns) is that its been decent, lots of servers but can be a bit slow. This also works with smart TVs which is helpful and netflix.

        • Hey mate, can I ask who you contacted at Stacksocial? I'm in the same situation as you and got no response from them..

          • @Raif: I contacted both PureVPN support and StackSocial support.

            PureVPN said that I would need to contact Stackcommerce but that they would also contact them. I think there has been a lot of ozbargin people affected by this.

            Have a read in the comments here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/580292

            I connected the support email [email protected] at stack social and this was their response.

            Thank you for reaching out!

            The lifetime VPN offer you purchased is no longer available. Not to worry, however - we've got you covered with another amazing VPN provider!

            We are so excited to provide an extension with an upgraded VPN provided by our partners at VPN Unlimited.

            Please reply to this email and provide the email address you'd like to use and we'll get you set up ASAP!

            VPN Unlimited has NO timeframe limitations so you’ll be able to enjoy uninterrupted service for the entire duration of the subscription: Lifetime!


            Additionally, with VPN Unlimited, you'll enjoy a better browsing experience w/ handy features, like Trusted Networks, Ping Tests & Favorite Servers and proprietary apps for all platforms

            We want to get you up and running as soon as possible. If you can please reply and confirm the email address you'd like to redeem with, I'll get you a license code and redemption instructions right away.

            I look forward to your reply!

            Stay safe, take care & be well!

            Your support hero,

            • @karazy: Thanks very much, I'll try again. I filled out some sort of form, rather than an email.. might be the problem.

            • @karazy: Same here. I’m not going anywhere near them


              KeepSolid VPN Unlimited logs:

              Company name
              Username (hashed)
              Password (hashed)
              IP address
              Browser type
              Operating system type
              Device type
              Time zone
              Total amount of web traffic in GB
              Session dates
              Payment history
              Connection type

              • @Markusaus: Depends on what you want the VPN for.

                Removing GEO restrictions or Privacy.

                I only want it for removing geo restrictions when needed.

                Who do you recommend for privacy?

                • @karazy: I want both privacy and the removal of geo restrictions. I have still not decided yet. Before I decide I plan to read all the VPN reviews on torrentfreak.

            • @karazy: I got the VPN Unlimited/Keepsolid lifetime deal when it was advertised here (just for geographical reasons mainly)

              Be aware that they do things a slightly different way in terms of devices. While they offer 5 devices, they actually use some weird slot system.

              On Chromebook 1 I'm using the web browser extension and also the Android app. This actually counts as two (2) slots/devices. On Chromebook 2 the same so that's another 2. On my Android phone I'm using the Android app, so in reality they give you 5 SLOTS not devices. You can only delete a slot every 7 days.

              Similarly if you create VPN profiles for say your router, that's a slot. With Nord or Pure I could download the zip file of ALL the VPN endpoints and that would count as one device. Again with Keepsolid, each geographical config counts as a slot.

              My needs are meagre and I can live within the constraints, but definitely something to be aware of.

              Works for Netflix and Amazon but be aware it is based out of US and is part of the Five Eyes….

          • @Raif: I got the exact same email as Karazy, but i just emailed [email protected] and got someone called Kyle. He has been reasonable so far. but can take a few days to reply.

    • I got a 1TB cloud based storage through Stack Social, life time plan.
      After about 3 years they ended up closing it on me and offering me to go on their annual plan, their one year plan cost about 3X the lifetime plan.
      Basically they were saying your "lifetime" plan is over thanks for the money!!

  • When I was with PureVPN the kill switch was hopeless. Surfshark much better.

  • Have been using Pure for 3 years now. No complaints, it does what I need it to and the speeds are good. I'm on a 100mbps and can download files at 60-70mbps which is still more than many people's raw NBN speed, so that's good. The phone app is fine too. I bought tickets for an overseas concert which were only available in that country, and with the app it was an easy process to set my country appropriately and go to the website without issues.

  • The speeds are much slower when compared to NordVPN.

  • I noticed there is an advertisement link appearing at the top of the discussion promoting PureVPN for 99c per month so 12months works out about $15 AUD

    I have used this offer whilst I work out what to do in the longer term.
    If you take up the offer use this link to unsubscribe from the $69.95usd automatic renewals https://my.purevpn.com/cancellationrequest

  • confirmed this vpn works in mainland china through its openvpn config, if anybody concerns.

  • VPN is not bad… The best thing is that you can add a dedicated IP for the same period for 0.99/month, which is rare these days. However, you can't normally set up the dedicated IP on Android TV or router. The dedicated IP is very limited, so it might not worth the price unless they correct these limitations in the next months or years.

    Having said that, the Android TV app has presets that work with most streaming services.

    Customer support based in Hong Kong is poor, they don't seem to read (or understand) what I am saying. I wrote a very detailed email and received a standard email "we might need more information… When did the problem start?"among other unhelpful questions … I had explained that I was on trial for just a few days and added clear details… Then they replied offering a remote connection to solve the problem, but my question was about the dedicated IP being unavailable on Android TV and not being able to stream HBO Max.

    When I sent an email to the Purevpn Android App team, they seemed to understand and suggested I used the Netflix option to watch HBO, and that worked fine. Still, no plans to add the option to use the dedicated IP on Android TV app, or OpenVPN on router.